Find Beauty in the World Around You

Consider taking a moment to stop and reflect on the world around you.  My eldest daughter has recently taken up photography, and I’m starting to see the world through a different lens.  A very beautiful lens.  It has been a reminder to me to stop, slow down, and really look at the world around me.  I am continually amazed at how magnificent and beautiful the world can be, and how amazing it is.

She sees the world through a different pair of eyes than most of the rest of us, and it is interesting to stop and appreciate that differences sometimes are wonderful things.  They give us a perspective we didn’t have before.

I’d like to encourage you to stop, and find beauty in the world around you.

Admire the Beauty in the World Around You
Laura’s Picture of My Tulips

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  1. Amy Hageman | | Reply

    I just love that picture!

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