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As the host of Look What Meg Found I spend my days exploring to find amazing creative and handmade small businesses. These small businesses put their hearts and souls into every single item that they create just for you! 

Come check out these five businesses!!!!

Meg Campbell Designs

Five Creative Small Businesses that will start an obsession 1

Add fun and creative lighting to your world with Solar Lanterns from Meg Campbell Designs. These lanterns are truly solar-powered so all you have to do is give them a sunny spot to hang out during the day and at night they automatically turn on to light up your world!!! Whether you are looking for night lights, emergency lighting, or just fun lighting for your outdoor space you will find exactly what you need!

You can check out the full lineup here. https://www.megcampbelldesigns.com

BB’s Donkey Milk Soap Company

Five Creative Small Businesses that will start an obsession 2

Donkey Milk what????? I can see the look on your face right now because it is the same one that I had. It took me a minute and a whole lot of questions to wrap my mind around it! What I found is a world of amazing soaps, lotions, shampoo bars, bath bombs, and more!! 

I tried ALL of the above and their shower steamers too!!! What I discovered is a simple and easy way to wash my hair that doesn’t require 20 pounds of conditioner afterward, soap that doesn’t leave my skin dry and itchy, the perfect relief to sinus headaches, and lotion that I won’t leave the house without!!!! (And their peach market scent is AMAZING) Check out everything that BB’s Donkey Milk Soap Company Company has to offer here!!! 


Wendy J Haney

Five Creative Small Businesses that will start an obsession 3

One of the most timeless heirlooms you can ever have is a handmade quilt!!!! Whether you’re looking for a quilt for your bed, your lap, your pet, or simply bc they are works of art Wendy is your girl!!! With everything from free-form embroidered ornaments to embroidered dish towels to coasters to bed-sized quilts, she can make them all!!!! Every single piece she makes is truly a masterpiece!! (I am saving up my very own king-sized Quilt) She is an artist whose medium happens to be a needle, thread, and fabric! Get your own piece of art here: https://wendyjhaney.com/

Wattle Tree Designs

Five Creative Small Businesses that will start an obsession 4

Something about these amazing pieces just makes you stop and go WOW!!!! The color combinations and wire combinations are put together with a true artist’s eye! Specializing in handmade trees of life made using copper core wire, glass beads/chips, and semi-precious stone/chips. Most are not rated to be left outdoors due to the fact that the wire will rust, however, natural copper wire or galvanized steel wire can be used upon request for outdoor pieces.  

The unique thing about trees of life, that just like real trees no 2 pieces are alike. 

Find your perfect tree of life here: https://www.facebook.com/Wattletreedesigns

Brandy Bell Designs

Five Creative Small Businesses that will start an obsession 5

Can you ever have enough earrings? The only correct answer to that is NO!!!! Brandy Bell Designs specializes in handmade leather earrings! There are SO many different designs available that you will never run out of new favorites! The talent and love are clearly seen in every pair of earrings she makes, every package she ships, and every pair you buy in person! 

Start your BBD collection here: https://www.brandybelldesign.com/

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