Having Fun!As I move towards starting Extension of You Home Care, one of the things that we are looking for in employees for our company is passion.   We are looking for passion to provide care in ways never seen before, with a different business model than your typical home care company.  We are looking for the best of the best in sales, caregivers, office managers, care managers, and everyone we work with.  Note, that I didn’t say that I’m looking for people who have the most qualifications, or the deepest history.  What we are looking for is, at the end of the day, heart. We want people who will be delighted to do this work, with their heart and soul.

Also from a personal perspective, you should follow your heart.  If you aren’t into something, for whatever reason, your performance will suffer.  Yes, there are times when you just do what you have to do, because that is what a job is.  At the end of the day though, there has to be a spark, some love, and wanting to do this job, or you will not do very well.

It is why I’m starting the company- I feel passionately about it, and am so excited to get up every morning.  I want to hire more people like me.  People who are passionate, and love doing this, and feel called to this type of job.  I want people to follow their hearts.

What are your passions?  Do you follow them?  do you follow your heart?