Fun Employee Benefits Your Business Should Offer

Running a business comes with a lifetime of work, but it can also be a lot of fun especially if you provide  great employee benefits. The benefits you can provide vary from the work environment itself to insurance and paid time off and a variety of other perks. When you make it a priority to give your employees the best possible benefits, your business will improve, and you will have great relationships with all of your employees.

Wellness Programs

Like any good boss, you want your employees to be happy and healthy, and this can be hard to accomplish in an office environment. That’s because office work can be detrimental to the health of the people who do it every day. Offering a wellness program to your employees can give them a better chance of staying healthy and a fun way to bond with her coworkers. You can tailor the wellness program you offer to the specific needs of your team, so that everyone will participate and be excited to meet wellness goals together. Offering a wellness program will also show your employees that you care about their health and want to give them as many opportunities as you can.

Guaranteed Work-From-Home Days

Most modern employees appreciate the opportunity to work from home at least some of the time. When you provide guaranteed work from home days to your employees you give them increased flexibility and convenience. Remote work is most effective when it is well-planned and when check-ins are regularly scheduled. Think about how you can provide more work from home days to your employees so you can figure out a schedule that makes the most sense for your team. The better you are able to accommodate work from home schedules, the easier it will be for you to keep your employees happy and cultivate a strong work balance for you and all of your team.

Rideshare Reimbursement

For many employees, the commute is one of the most troubling parts of the workweek. Options like rideshare have made commuting a little bit easier for employees across the country, but they come with a pretty big expense. Helping your employees to offset these costs through rideshare reimbursement is a benefit that your team will really appreciate. You can decide how much of each employee’s rideshare costs you would like to reimburse and come up with a structured way to provide this benefit. One easy way is to include the reimbursement in your employees’ paychecks so that they receive the reimbursement once a month or every two weeks.

An Employee Lounge

All of your employees need a lunch break, and if they have a comfortable lounge to take their break in, they will enjoy it so much more. Creating the perfect lounge for your employees requires you to cultivate a comfortable space with lots of great seating and plenty of room for everyone together. You can build a great lounge area either outside or inside the building, but either of these options will require its own specifications. For outside lounges, you should avoid leaving wood furniture in the sun. Choosing more durable furniture and providing shade will help bring your outdoor lounge to the next level.

A Fully Stocked Kitchen

Every employee may find themselves tired of bringing lunch from home from time to time. When you provide them with a fully stocked kitchen complete with standard pantry and fridge items, you give them the freedom to make lunch a little more exciting. Having lots of snacks on hand gives them access to quick treats so they can refresh themselves on their break and get back to work. Get input from your employees on the snacks and food that they would like to have available so you can make sure you stock their favorites. It’s also a good idea to make sure you know if any of your employees have dietary restrictions so you can accommodate them.

Flexible Schedules

Providing flexibility to your employees through their schedules is a great way to make work more fun and increase productivity. When your employees have the opportunity to arrange their schedules around their needs, they can improve their work-life balance and be more effective when they are at work. Many people in the workforce have family responsibilities that can sometimes make their schedule hectic and when they know they can adjust as needed they’re more able to fulfill their responsibilities at home and at work.

Family Benefits

Making sure to provide benefits for your employees with family responsibilities is a great way to keep everyone feeling happy and taken care of. This means making sure to provide maternity and paternity time off to your employees who need it but also providing other family benefits to all your employees. Ensuring that your employees have the flexibility to care for their families is essential. One important benefit to consider is funeral leave for when employees may lose a loved one. This gives them the time and space to grieve appropriately so that they can return to work when they’re ready and not feel pressure to skip the grieving process.

Great Work Parties

The best businesses give their employees a chance to get to know one another and build relationships with the other members of their team. Having really excellent work parties is one way to make this happen. Most workplaces have celebrations for important holidays, but it is also important to celebrate your successes as a business together. When you have a good quarter take the time to celebrate with your team and show them your appreciation. This way everyone in your business will feel like the business’s success is their own success.

When you provide fun benefits to your employees, they will feel happier at work and be excited to participate in something great. You already have passion for the business you’re running, and you can share that passion with the people who work for you. Together you can make your business a great place for customers and employees alike.

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