Too often we tend to take one another for granted in the workplace. People are just there to get their jobs done.  It’s just business.  Or is it?  Stop and think for a minute what a simple “thanks” or “Hey, great job” means to someone.  As leaders, we have to remember that by definition leadership is getting other people to follow us.  If we abuse them, ignore them, or otherwise take them for granted, our positions as leaders will eventually be undermined or weakened.  Really, you have nothing to lose by being kind and grateful in the workplace, and everything to gain.


Here Are Some Tips for Giving Thanks in The Workplace

  1. When you catch someone doing something good, stop and thank them.  Go one step further, which will make it have more impact, and explain that when they do X, Y is the result.  that shows that you’ve actually given some thought to what they’re doing, and are genuinely grateful. Be specific in your thanks.
  2. Give thanks early and often.  You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to tell someone thanks, even though we are wont to do that at exactly one time of year.  Giving thanks in the workplace never goes out of style.
  3. Pay attention to everyone around you.  That means thanking the security guards, the admins, but it also may mean thanking your boss.  Have you thanked any of those people lately?

Bonus tip: Learn to accept thanks and praise gracefully.  If you’re getting praise, you earned it, and worked hard for it.  Women tend to try to hide from thanks and praise, even though they love getting it.  It does them a great disservice, as others will rush in to accept those deflected accolades.

Giving thanks in the workplace should be a matter of course, and something you make a point of doing every day, not something that’s done only once a year.