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Did you know that, according to recent surveys, in nearly half of two-parent households in the United States, both parents work in some capacity? The modern American family is seemingly busier than ever. However, that doesn’t mean families have changed entirely. Certain constants will always hold true. For example, parents typically want to provide their kids with nutritious meals.

That can of course seem like a difficult goal to achieve when you also need to address your professional responsibilities. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways working parents can still ensure their children eat well. The following are merely a few examples worth keeping in mind.

Know What You Need in the Kitchen

Even if you have every intention of making a healthful meal for your children, your plans may be thwarted if you discover you don’t have the right ingredients in the kitchen, and don’t have time to head to the grocery store at the moment.

This is an easy problem to avoid. All you have to do is make a list of nutritious meals and snacks you typically serve your kids. Ideally, these meals should feature ingredients that take a relatively long time to expire. Once you have your list, buy as many of the necessary ingredients as possible in bulk, ensuring your kitchen is always properly stocked.

Plan Make-Ahead Meals

This is another tip that involves making a list of meals you want your kids to eat on a regular basis. Once you have such a list in hand, taking practical action is much simpler.

In this case, you want to include make-ahead meals on your list. As the name implies, these are meals that you can make early in the week, knowing they will still be fresh when your children consume them later. Instead of trying to cook every single day of the week, you can set aside a few hours on the weekend to prep meals to ensure your children will always have nutritious options in the following days. It’s worth noting that prepping meals ahead of time in this capacity can also help you avoid poor eating habits!

Invest in the Right Gadgets

Some kitchen gadgets are unnecessary luxuries. Others can be very helpful in a busy household. 

Consider buying a slow cooker or instant-pot. These tools simplify meal prep by allowing you to merely add a few ingredients, adjust the settings accordingly, and walk away, knowing a delicious and nutritious meal will be ready in a few hours (or, depending on the recipe, a few minutes).

Keep these tips in mind if you’re a busy parent who’s also worried about their children’s nutrition. It’s entirely possible to balance work with meal prep. You simply need to know the right strategies.