The cost of running a business is much higher than most first time entrepreneurs realize. But the real kicker of operating a business is the hidden costs, the costs you don’t see coming, that really add up and can eat into your profit margins. These are a few of those hidden costs that you should consider and try to make as cost effective as possible for your business

Taxes and Insurance

Nobody likes paying taxes. But, unfortunately, taxes are one of the few constants in this life. Taxes take a huge bite out of your profits every year, making it very important that you seek out as many deductions as possible to protect your profits from taxes. Make sure to work with tax professionals to ensure that you are saving as much as possible. 

Insurance is another quiet cost that eats at your profits. Insurance is important and you can’t skimp on quality insurance. But you should be making sure that you are getting the best deal possible on your business insurance. Talk to plenty of providers to see who can offer the best rates, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. 

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is surprisingly costly. Recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees is a huge cost not only directly, but also in lost and slowed productivity. You also have to remember that it often takes hiring bonuses and incentives to attract the most desirable employees, only making things costlier. 

Try and retain your employees. One great way to do this is through employee recognition programs. Rewarding employees for their service helps improve retention at your business. Give a recognition program a try and see how it improves retention. 


No matter what industry you operate in, you have to deal with shipping at some point in your supply chain. Whether you ship a product to your consumers or have materials delivered to you, you have to pay for shipping at some point. And shipping is, well, expensive. Make sure that you are considering all of your shipping options to save on the most cost effective choice for your company, rather than just sticking with what you’re all used to. 

There are a lot of hidden costs at your business, many of which fly under the radar. But with a keen eye for your bottom line, you can find ways to save on the hidden costs of operating a business. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you fear, just put in the work to find the savings.

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