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Thinking back from the road trips we have taken, we may not see right away the major takeaways. Maybe you had to change your own tire, or got lost and had to ask the local citizens of a town you have never been in for directions. Changing your own tire is a lesson in adapting to breakdowns that you did not anticipate. Engaging with the locals in an unfamiliar place is a lesson in being inclusive and engaging. These are both great examples of how a road trip can teach you to be a leader in other aspects of your life.

As an avid traveler told CarRentals, “travel rarely goes according to plan, and a big part of the art of travel is learning to keep a level head when those plans fall apart, work out what your options are, and decide what the best course of action is.” In doing so we learn to celebrate each lesson we learn from the road, but most importantly, learn to apply the lessons to our daily lives and work. Follow these 8 inspiring lessons learned from the road and practice them in order to bring our your full leadership potential.

Leadership Lessons Learned From Road Trips