How a Simple Workout Can Turn You into a Better Businesswoman

How a Simple Workout Can Turn You into a Better Businesswoman

Being a businesswoman is a hard task. It involves a lot of dedication, skill, brains and confidence, so you always need to give your maximum in order to stay afloat. But there’s one thing that can put you in front of your competition: regular exercise. Sure, working out is good for the body and we all know it, but it can also be amazing for the brain. Activities, like running, cycling, swimming, or hitting weights will make you strong physically and mentally, which is exactly what you need to leave a good impression at the office. Sounds interesting? Here are all the ways a simple workout can turn you into a better businesswoman. 

Your mental health with thank you

In order to perform well at work, your mental health needs to be your ally, not your enemy. Luckily, regular exercise can help you keep your mental health in check, especially during those most critical and stressful periods. After a good workout, many women report feeling strong, confident and overall well (thanks to all the serotonin and adrenaline your body will produce). Additionally, going for a run or hitting heavy weights at the gym is a great detachment tactic that allows you to forget about your worries and stay in the moment. The energy you waste worrying can be redirected into improving your mental and physical health—that’s a much better solution. 

Having a schedule can help

Regular workouts are great for building character which is key for becoming a respected businesswoman. If you struggle with making and sticking to schedules, working out can be a great strategy to include that habit into your life. Once you manage to stay true to your workouts, you will see how easy it is to be disciplined about other things as well. 

You will love all the extra energy

Every single action in your life requires energy, especially work-related things. While working out might seem like it does nothing but spend energy, a good exercise will leave you refueled and re-energized like never before, even though it sounds contradictory. Every physical activity encourages your body to release endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine AKA “happiness hormones” that leave you feeling rested and full of motivation which is just what you need before a long day at the office.

 A heavy workout will leave you exhausted, but also energized thanks to all the happiness hormones surging to your brain. If you work out regularly, your body will train itself to release more of the hormones which will leave you feeling amazing for longer. So, make sure to stay true to your workout schedule and you will love the benefits. If you need some extra help at the beginning, you can check out some supplementation to keep you going for longer. Supplements like l-citrulline can help you with more endurance and strength as well as improve your recovery time and give you that enhanced focus and sharpness. Take citrulline about 30 minutes before your workout and enjoy boosted results until you build your natural endurance and strength. 

Your mental sharpness will increase

In order to perform well at the office, you need your brain in top shape. Luckily, exercise can help with neuron generation (a process called neurogenesis). Exercise not only stimulates the growth of new neurons, but it also helps repair existing neurons and makes them stronger. It can also give you a sense of increased clarity, which is always beneficial in meetings, negotiations, presentations and other business tasks. Additionally, exercise can increase the size of your hippocampus which plays a huge role in learning and memory. No more missed deadlines and forgotten associate names

You will get a burst of creativity

While running a business and being a great businesswoman requires focus and dedication, it also needs an endless supply of creativity if you wish to stay one step in front of your competition. Luckily, with exercise, you get that endorphin boost that can give you a surge in creativity and focus. So, if you have a hard task in front of you, especially one that requires creative solutions and plenty of innovation, leave it for that time after your workout. If you feel really tight on time, you can bring a little notebook with you at the gym or on your run and wait until a great idea strikes. Great ideas usually come when you’re not prepared for them, so don’t let a good opportunity pass you just because you were not properly equipped. 

Your stress will melt

Business is stressful, no matter if you’re at the bottom of the ladder or at the top. But, regular exercise can shed that tension, improve your sleep and allow you to feel more relaxed. And you don’t have to set aside hours and dedicate them to exercise. It’s thought that as little as 10 minutes of exercise can get your stress to melt. 

You will be an overall happier worker

Happiness at work has a direct link to your productivity while depression can be linked to low performance levels. And since depression sparks thanks to low happy hormone levels, regular exercise can certainly help with that. Regular exercise will improve your mood AND decrease your number of sick leave days and improve your attendance record. 

So, if you have high aspirations, don’t hesitate to come up with a good workout program and start moving regularly. You will feel amazing benefits after your first workout and you will feel like a true boss lady at the office! 

Written by Fiona Wood


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