How AI is improving marketing automation? 5 AI-Based tools for marketers

AI-Based tools

Numerous things have been developed for making life easier for businesses and marketers, among them marketing automation and artificial intelligence are two main technologies in the marketing spectrum. Let’s get started by defining the term marketing automation.

Table of content

  • What is marketing automation?
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Marketing automation and AI
  • Benefits of using AI-based marketing automation
  • Bets Ai-based tools for marketers

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is considered as the longstanding catchword in the online marketing world when it comes to international competition. Narrowly speaking, marketing automation refers to a bunch of online technologies and methodologies that make the digitalization of products indispensable and results in winning new types of customers.

As the digital world has dramatically been transformed in terms of context into a crowded and competitive place, marketing automation has made its place where companies need to build a healthy and profound conversation with new customers.

Marketing automation took many years in articulation and differentiation for establishing immense support to the digital consumer experience. It also supports consumers in purchasing and consumption experience after reading content, proposals, and knowledge that completely in line with their respective requirements and expectations.

What is artificial intelligence AI?

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computerized program that can think like humans. These programs are widely used in digital decision-making and for discovering insights. Artificial intelligence has multiple applications in so many fields, among them the most popular is Machine Learning.

A typical application in advertising includes revealing customer routes, optimizing the delivery of messages, and coordinating multi-channel marketing strategies.

Marketing automation and AI

Meanwhile, businesses are expecting more usage of artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing purposes. According to Forrester, 70 percent of companies anticipate AI to be used in the next 12 months.

Admittedly, integrating marketing automation and AI looks like a promising strategy to prepare your company for your future. How can you make use of them for the best marketing practices? What are the advantages of AI marketing automation? What are the best AI tools for marketing automation?

Benefits of using AI-based marketing automation

Here we are uncovering some of the best advantages of merging AI with your marketing automation.

1. Improved Proficiency

Still, many business firms are using manual methods for handling all business matters. This not also takes a lot of resources to manage marketing activities but also requires loads of time.

Unlikely, marketing automation and artificial technology together can make a huge difference by offering an error-free, proficient, and speed-up approach.

Enhanced marketing performance and relevancy

2. Increased Efficiency

Customers will go away when the marketing message does not relate to them. When marketing messages fail to match the customer’s expectations, they would never show interest in your business.

However, utilizing AI and marketing automation can assist in understanding which programs are ideal for each member of your target audience. Your goals may be entered into the technology and it will help you attract large audiences or at least appeal to one section.

3. Better, More Enduring, and High-Value customer experience

AI is considered much useful in combination with marketing automation when used by marketing companies. There are approaches marketers must use what they know about their customers to customize and refine their experiences quickly and precisely. And when marketing strategies are applied on a large scale, this can lead your business more successful.

4. Ensure Business Growth

The increasing amount and velocity of data frequently misrepresent marketing. AI works well with marketing automation, allowing marketing to do more with analytics, connections, and profits.

5. Quick data insights

As covered, nowadays data is everything for business marketing. The main concern, however, is efficiently and correctly converting this data into insights that can be relied upon.

By applying artificial intelligence to marketing automation, you can auto-optimize millions of interactions with precision. To summarize, you can gather all that data and then process it to gain strategic and tactical insights that will produce additional value to your business.

 Best AI-based tools for marketers

Now move towards the best al-based marketing tools that can improve your marketing strategies quickly.


This marketing automation tool is famous because of its flexibility. This can work well for getting everything you expect from it. It helps in customizing your best experience. Moreover, it is one of the lightweight automation tools that offer personal customer support.

It is a freshly developed tool that has features of triggering emails based on events, in comparison to many older tools. is awesome for two application areas:

  • Businesses are willing to advance with marketing automation and value light user interface (i.e., not your usual company software), and
  • Companies seeking advanced features which require flexibility and customization and are prepared to dedicate developer resources to implementing them. This is why, for our marketing automation requirements, people ended up choosing

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is popular among small companies as an e-mail marketing platform. It is a terrific job to offer fundamental features in a way that even non-technical consumers can employ very easily. The simplicity of usage and affordability are its primary distinguishing features.

A constant Contact is a great option for all small business owners who wish to start e-mail marketing fast and don’t expect any complex features to be needed. If you meet this criterion, the tool is an excellent pick, but if you expect to increase your marketing automation effort in the short term, this would not be your best automation tool.

3. Prepostseo

Almost everyone who involves in writing is taking text from the internet and makes sufficient changes to it. Marketers are doing the same, either it is a matter of writing marketing emails and product descriptions.

Originality and uniqueness in the text are all your consumers are expecting from you and you can do this all under one platform, Prepostseo.

It comes up with a bundle of AI-based tools that can make a huge difference in your marketing approaches. One of the top trended tools is a plagiarism checker for ensuring the unique and uncopied content in emails and product descriptions.


The marketing automation tool list is incomplete without mentioning a content editing app. When you want to be bold and precise in your writing, try the Editpad online. It is intended to increase the readability of text and is particularly suited for composing marketing e-mails.

The Editpad helps you to detect which phrases are overly lengthy and/or hard to read. It will also help you to detect words and sentences with simpler alternatives. Using this tool helps in learning how to write a sales copy that is clear to understand as well as appealing.

5. HubSpot

The advantage and downsides of utilizing HubSpot are the same: the system does something good but sincerely does nothing. HubSpot is described as “inbound software marketing,” which means that it offers a number of gadgets, including marketing automation. So, you can say that it can be a handy all-in-one solution.

Like Constant Contact, HubSpot is perfect for small businesses. However, HubSpot offers more than email marketing and this feature makes it one step ahead of constant contact. HubSpot is an excellent alternative for you if you are seeking an “all in one” software that offers you the most basic capabilities in many marketing platforms.

Wrapping up

All the AI-based tools discussed in this post operate well and accessible for all. Remember that it does not really matter what tools you are using and how well you experienced you are in marketing until you know your target audience because it is the key to the success of, you’re all marketing practices. So, write your visitors using e-mails that provide value and connect to them directly, and see you’ll achieve all the objectives over time.


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