How Can Global HR Systems Allow Businesses to Connect With Their Employees?

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Businesses with offices and employees located in various countries can find it a struggle to properly manage and communicate with their employees. Varying time zones, languages, and currencies can lead to confusion and vital information being lost in translation. With the pandemic preventing travel between these offices, it is only becoming harder.

HR teams are finding ways to overcome these hurdles with the use of global HR systems to help both line managers and HR professionals find affordable and fast solutions to these problems, without the need for a specialist setup.

Here, we look at the three main benefits of such a HR system.

1. Connects With All Employees

All good HR systems can contact employees from every team all around the world, removing any physical boundary that may be present. Using a HR management system means that both employees and their managers can gain answers quickly and efficiently and have instant access to the vital information they may need.

One of the best features of an HRIS system is that it allows anyone with access to easily identify others within the organization who can provide the best insights and advice into any project. This is particularly beneficial within very large organizations where colleagues may not know each other as well as in a smaller one and may be unaware of everyone’s position and skillset.

This leads to much better collaboration within the workforce and ensures that the best performance is achieved within projects.

An HRM system comes with a self-service functionality that allows employees to manage their information themselves, from any location and at any time. With the use of the cloud, they can log in securely from any device and update their own personal data, such as telephone numbers, bank account details, and address.

Alongside this, they can book their annual leave and be presented with an overview of days they have left for the year, while also recording any sick days. They will also be able to look at contracts and any HR policies set in place.

This human resource management system also acts as a portal to record progress within the office and is the perfect place to hold records for annual performance reviews and allow employees to have a visual tracker of their goals.

2. Increased Efficiency

Using a fragmented approach when managing HR processes and data can lead to extra unnecessary costs. When adopting multiple systems and software that are not created to be integrated with one another, extra time must be spent to manually put in data across every platform.

Doing this can lead to mistakes and missing information between platforms and inconsistency between overseas offices. With every office using a different system, it can lead to confusion and frustration and no one really knows which system is correct, especially if various locations are trying to collaborate on a project.

With a global HR system, the admin time requirement and chance for errors are dramatically reduced as this data can simply be entered once and everyone has access. Additionally, any updates or amendments will be seen across the board.

What’s more, this access can be limited if needed. Specific access can be allocated to just those teams or locations that the inputter wishes to see, meaning any sensitive data will not be seen by the wrong eyes.

One of the biggest challenges for HR within global organizations is language barriers. HR professionals can’t be expected to fluently speak every language within the organization.

These systems can cope with more than one language, alongside various currencies and automatically convert and translate this information into one that the user understands. The systems can even recognize local holidays that may not be observed in every country, meaning that all offices are aware of when another may not be working.

3. Helps With Business Decisions

Relaying information between international teams and departments can lead to data being lost, changed, or simply forgotten about. When it comes to key decision making, this can really make a negative impact on what is to be chosen.

Businesses need to have access to all relevant data in every office to be able to make an informed decision moving forward, especially during the pandemic.

HR systems can provide a great and easy overview of the entire business, helping decision-makers choose the right path for the organization. Data from headcounts, salaries, turnover, and even skillset can be seen at a glance and locations easily accessible.

This allows businesses to make the right decision when it comes to onboarding during this time and even in deciding which office is best suited for certain projects. It can also show which office may have gaps and need more attention and support to prevent any mishaps from occuring.


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