How Can Speech Analytics Prove to be a Useful Tool in the Recruitment Process?

Speech Analytics

Every organization strives to hire the brightest candidates from a large pool of unqualified applicants. The HR department team often experiences difficulty screening thousands of applicants’ resumés or struggles with finding candidates with the right skills needed for a position.

In this era of technological advancements, speech analytics is a leading tool in HR and recruitment agencies. Speech Analytics adopts speech recognition software to determine behavioral and personality traits from a person’s voice.

Implementing speech recognition in your recruitment procedure can have the whole hiring process done within minutes. You do not have to worry about reviewing tons of applications from candidates who are not the best fit for your job. You may be wondering; how does voice determine traits? How will voice analysis influence recruitment criteria? Here’s the thing – an individual’s voice can reveal a lot about their personality.

Voice can be analyzed for ‘prosodic’ parameters independent of content and language, such as tone, intonation, and tempo. These parameters can be used to predict personality profiles based on specific job requirements. With the evolution of technology,  speech analytics software can now be used by HR teams for analyzing speech patterns and determining candidate’s employability. Automating your hiring process will pave the way for you to finally attract and engage high-quality applicants.

Here are the benefits of using speech analysis in your business’ hiring process.

Finds individuals fit for the job

Speech analytics tools make the recruitment process easier. The HR team sets the parameters required for the specific job requirement using the speech analytics software. It creates a personality profile and generates a job match score based on each candidate’s tendencies.

Candidates that fit all the criteria are therefore shortlisted and hired for the job. For example, a customer support agent position requires empathy as a strong personality profile. Meanwhile, a computer programmer position may not require the same skills.

Using speech recognition is a practical way to objectively streamline the right candidates that will be a good fit for the job requirement.

Provides information about a candidate’s skills

Hiring candidates with the necessary skill set to carry out excellent work can be quite a hassle. You want to make sure that the best hands are on deck to move your organization forward. This is where speech analysis comes in.

Use speech recognition to predict a person’s traits such as communication, creativity, temperament, sociability, ability to withstand pressure, nervousness, and more. Optimize your hiring process by implementing speech analytics software that digitally analyzes speech patterns from a candidate’s voice sample and links them to specific personal capabilities.

Reduces workload on the recruitment team

The recruitment process is usually time-consuming. HR teams receive numerous applications and long hours of audio and video interviews, but there’s hardly enough time to review all of them. Speech analytics saves a lot of time. Analyzing speech patterns is a practical approach to evaluate applicants quickly and effectively.

Within minutes, you can filter as many as thousands of applicants and bypass the usual process of enduring video interviews before picking the right fit for your organization. Speech recognition makes recruitment easy and cost-effective for employers.

Improves candidate experience

The process of job hunting is a long arduous one for most job seekers. A lot of time is usually spent filling online questionnaires and attending unproductive in-person interviews. Thanks to advancements in technology, using speech analytics offers candidates a chance to enjoy a fast and convenient interview experience.

They are only required to send in recorded audio files of about 15 minutes to the HR department where speech analytics software is used to determine their suitability for employment. These files can also be easily passed on to other departments for that all-important second opinion, without having to ask candidates to attend numerous interviews. Sometimes, the HR representative simply calls a candidate or gives them a pin code, and the interaction is automatically recorded and sent to the database for analysis. This saves a lot of time and resources and improves the general application experience.

Eliminates human biases

Humans are inherently influenced by conscious and unconscious biases. An interviewer may hire an unqualified candidate for the job due to prejudice or stereotype. This characteristic human flaw is eliminated with the use of speech analytics software. Only the non-content part of the speech is focused on and the identities of candidates are completely unknown.

Results are therefore objective and not influenced by appearance, race, gender, or cultural biases. This helps you hire the true best person for the job and create an inclusive and diverse workplace, something every business should strive to do.

Tracks satisfaction of employees

It might interest you to know that speech analytics is not just a tool for recruitment. It is also an HR analytic tool used to assess the state of mind and wellbeing of existing employees and help to build more productive teams. When employees are stressed or unsatisfied at work, it reflects in the general output of the business.

Analyzing the speech patterns of your employees can give an insight into their needs, and how they can be met. Employee engagement drives greater efficiency and propels your organization to function better.

Easier feedback to candidates

All candidates, successful or otherwise, have the right to ask for feedback from interviewers. Busy organizations may feel reluctant to provide this, purely due to the time it takes to provide analysis to each individual.

With the right programming, speech analytics can determine each candidates’ success and group them accordingly to their strengths and weaknesses.

This way, feedback can be pulled from the software easily and even those who weren’t present during the interview process can write up feedback to be passed on.

With increasing numbers of candidates every day due to the high numbers of those who have lost their jobs in the last 12 months, HR needs to find the best way to sort through these applicants with ease. Speech analytics are helping HR teams across the globe every day with their onboarding process and making the experience more pleasant for all those involved.


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