How can Women Entrepreneurs Balance their Personal Life and their Work Life?

"How can Women Entrepreneurs Balance their Personal Life and their Work Life?" Working Mother Graphic

~by Haley Lynn Gray~

Women entrepreneurs spend most of their time juggling the demands of a successful career and the demands of a personal life. Most women that find themselves in a position of power understand exactly what it means to try and balance a career and a personal life and feel like you are constantly failing.

Although most women believe that achieving the elusive work-life balance is impossible, there are examples out there that can actually prove it is possible. Managing a career and a family and being satisfied with both can be a reality.

There are certain steps every woman can take in order to manage and balance these two aspects of her life. However, before women actually take those steps, they need to think about one thing. Work-life balance is something that can constantly change, regarding the life stage we are talking about.

For example, a young woman who has a personal life but no family can find it a lot easier to balance about personal life and her career. That same woman may give priority to a family 5 or 10 years later. The way she’s going to balance her work life and her personal life is going to be very different.

The first thing you need to do is understand exactly what kind of process you are supposed to follow, based on your current position in the workplace and the kind of personal life you have at home. Are you single? Are you married? Are you a mother? All of these details will play a very important role in figuring out the right plan to balance your life.

Now, after you have done that, it is time for you to break things down and see exactly what kinds of steps you will be able to take. If you do not know where to start perhaps we might recommend you start with the following steps:

Know your rights as an employee

Many employees do not understand that the company policies can actually cover their needs in certain cases. Especially women. For example, have you ever thought about the fact that there might be a possibility for you to work from home? If you are a mother this can most certainly make things a lot easier for you. It will help you balance your personal life while working.

Talk with your manager and co-workers

Assuming that you will not be available for certain hours during the week and the weekend, due to personal reasons, make sure that your manager and co-workers know about it. They do not have to know the reason. They just need to know that you will not be available. It is important to get their support, especially during a difficult time.

Stop using technology when you’re at home

Although technology can most certainly make our lives a lot easier, it is not always able to help us control our lives. You use technology on a daily basis. You use the computer in the office. You use your smartphone all the time. Don’t do that when you are with your family. Turn off your computer and put away your phone. Remember, the time you spend with your family is valuable.

Don’t take too many responsibilities in the office

Most women will say yes to pretty much anything that their boss asks them when it comes to office issues. You need to learn how to say no. If you have completed your work hours, do not stay late. Go home and spend time with your friends and your family. There is always someone else that will be able to run the PTA or serve on a committee after hours.

Know your limit

Every woman wants to believe that she is Supergirl. Every woman wants to be able to give it 100% and always succeed. Real life is not that kind and not that easy. Nobody can commit to 100% and be successful. You will have to choose either your personal life or your work life if you do that. You need to know your limit. Do as much as you know you can and don’t overburden yourselves. Or at least, if you are, do it for your family and your personal life.

Your private time belongs to you

Yes, this might be quite rational for most women out there. But there are some women that do not understand how important it is to keep their private time completely their own. When your phone rings in the evening and it is about work, simply don’t pick it up. You will deal with the work issues in the morning. From the office. Don’t bring your work home.

Take breaks when you can

This is a common mistake for many employees, not just women. Although they do have a few days during the year during which they can take a break, they usually continue working. People believe that, they continue to work during their paid days off, they will show their manager and co-workers that they are valuable to the company. The company already knows that. Working during your days off is not going to make a difference and it is definitely not going to help you balance your work life and your personal life.

These seven steps might seem simple, but most women do not follow them. You don’t have to do them all together. Start with the one that seems easier to do. When you get accustomed to it, move onto the next one. Always remember that your private life belongs to you, not to your managers. If you focus on what you want and how important your personal life is then you will definitely be able to balance a successful career and an amazing personal life. It will take a while, perhaps even longer than what you might think. It is not an easy process but it is definitely something you can achieve. Just be persistent and try for the best of both worlds.


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