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Healthy and happy employees are more productive and creative. Even better, your focus on their well-being can build loyalty and help you plan for the long-term based on a workforce with seniority. However, it can be hard to get your employees to take a break even when they really need one.

Offer PTO

Make sure your employees know that they are welcome to take a rest day before they need a sick day. Mental health days are also crucial to your business. If you need one, take one. Be open about it to let your employees know that their time off doesn’t always call for a doctor’s note. Promote and publish a clear and brief employee vacation policy. Encourage cross-training so everyone knows that they can take a break when they need one.

Get an On-Site Gym

If you’ve got the space, set up an area where your employees can get moving. Make sure to include equipment that will elevate their heart rate as well as gentle exercises people can do without having to shower and change. Free weights and a space for yoga or Pilates will likely be very popular. There are many different types of rubber flooring for gyms. If you have space for and interest in a wooden gym floor for basketball, make sure to allow options for those who prefer to work out alone on a rubberized floor with some give. Invest in mats for stretching and floor exercises. Finally, make sure that access to the fitness center is available both before and after work, and create a space for private showers to avoid any discomfort.

Have Food

If you have an outside company supplying your vending machines, try to branch out into healthier options, such as fresh fruits or whole wheat snack crackers. You can even set up an office nutrition challenge or encourage your employees to track what they are eating. If you commonly work late as a group and need to bring in food, avoid sticking with pizza or any other less-than-healthy fast food. If pizza is really your only option, try to supplement it with salads or crudités. Provide employees with a gathering space to dine together and get away from work for a bit. Organize stretch breaks in which everyone can get up, stop in the dining room and fix a small plate of healthy snacks. This doesn’t mean nobody can ever bring a box of donuts to the office. Just strive for balance.

Work minus life never equals balance. Do your best to let employees know that you’d like them to go home with the energy and focus to enjoy time with their partners, spouses, and children. This form of care on the part of management can go a long way in building employee loyalty as well as a healthy workforce.

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