How Do I Keep Employees From Leaving My Company?

How do I Keep Employees From Leaving my Company?

In order to achieve success with your business, you need to have the right talent on your staff. Finding the right talent is a challenge, but it’s also very challenging to retain employees. If you have a high turnover rate, this can really affect your business. It can also impact the reputation that you have in the area. It’s important to find ways to keep employees from leaving the company.

Open Communication

It’s very important to have an open line of communication going between you and your staff. Everyone should feel comfortable coming to you with anything that they need to discuss. This may include personal matters that are affecting their work output. It could also be an issue that’s going on within the office. Being open and responsive in a positive manner will make a big difference in the happiness of your staff.


Prospective employees will strongly consider the salary that you are offering, but benefits are also something that many people want to know about. The health coverage that you’re offering will be a big factor when it comes to retaining employees. Once you have a good package set for your staff, don’t switch it frequently. Other benefits you should think about include dental and vision coverage. Beyond the normal healthcare benefits, many people consider other benefits to be just as important.

Skill Testing

You need to have skilled employees on your team in order to be successful, and talented professionals will likely stick around if they’re happy at their jobs. To ensure they are qualified, you should be testing for a potential employee’s technical skills when they first interview. A brief evaluation will allow you to predict if a person is looking for a job to stay at or if he or she will leave in a year or two when he or she is no longer able to perform.


In addition to paying your staff a competitive salary, you can also offer some incentives. This can be done in the form of bonuses each year. You can also start up some sort of rewards program that lets managers and team leads praise and reward staff for a job well done. This increases morale.

It’s not easy to run a company, but there are ways that you can make sure you have the right people on your side. It doesn’t take a lot of work. You just have to put some thought into how your employees feel and what they need.


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