~by Haley Lynn Gray~

One of the more interesting things I did this past year was to write and publish a book.

I used Best Seller Publishing, and wrote a book called Choosing a Caregiver – Expect the Best & Know How to Ask for It. In my book I provide information that I wish I had when I was going through the caregiving process with my own parents. I share some of the stories that I accumulated while taking care of my parents, holding down a job, taking care of four young children, and running a household.

That doesn’t really answer the HOW of how I became a best-selling author.

The first thing I did was nail down my idea for a book, and do some research into the field. Then I set off to find an excellent publisher with a proven track record of helping authors achieve best seller status. The Best Seller Publishing methodology involves actually making an audio recording of the book. Then they transcribe it and help with the editing. Or, you can write the book yourself, and bring it to them.

For my book, we went through no less than 20 rounds of editing, back and forth between me and various editors. The person who did by far the most editing for my book was Samantha, one of my employees from the Extension of You business. She started working for me just as the mad rounds of editing started on the book. I would go through the book several times, and edit it for content, continuity, and more. Then she would go through it. I would go back through it. This proceeded until we were satisfied with the contents of the book. Then we submitted it back to Best Seller Publishing, and they created the cover.

The cover of the book is a true work of art, and it was cool to see how the artist incorporated the various elements and colors that I asked him to work with. That too, required several iterations. Once the cover was finished, we started through their amazing launch process, which resulted in my book achieving best seller status in four categories on Amazon.

Yes. It was a best seller in four categories on Amazon!

How exciting! The impact of the book on my business has been fantastic, as I’ve been able to share my expertise, gained through some very difficult times. My hope is to be able to help other people avoid some of the mistakes and pain that I went through with my own parents, and I am grateful for the positive reactions to my book. If you’re trying to establish yourself, or to advance your career or business, a book is a phenomenal marketing and sales tool. Consider using it extensively.


Meet the Author: Haley Lynn Gray

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Haley Lynn Gray

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