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One of the biggest challenges and struggles most people today face is finding inner peace and embracing positivity. We have so many things going on in our lives that it’s hard to step back and give ourselves a chance to enjoy life. However, there are ways for you to work on quieting your negative thoughts and living a more positive life.

Writing can help you become more positive. By sharing your personal stories with others, you become more connected with your surroundings and you take a load off your chest. Let’s take a closer look at how writing can affect our overall mental state.

Suppressing Emotions

When something’s bothering us, or we’re feeling down, the first thing most of us do is suppress those emotions.

Instead of dealing with how we feel, we tend to ignore our emotions and try to hide them from others.

Although it would be best for you to talk about it to someone who loves you, you can always write about it and share your story.

Writing about the way you feel will help you:

  • Deal with your emotions and problems
  • Process them
  • Get a better understanding of your mental state
  • Feel like you’ve taken a step forward

In other words, writing about the way you feel will actually help you deal with it and even find a solution to a problem. This will definitely quiet your negative thoughts.

Sharing with a Community

When you’re scared to share your story with your friends or family, you need another way to have someone hear your problems. 

You can write your personal story down and publish it online to have people read about it. 

By finding the right community to do so, you’ll be able to:

  • Be a part of a sharing and caring community
  • Have someone to support you and care for you
  • Find those people who have similar problems and help them overcome them
  • Be supportive and receive support

It may be hard to get started and your first story will be the hardest to share. However, once you get going and realize how positively writing will affect you, you’ll just keep on doing it.


So many of us struggle with feelings of low self-worth or are afraid of being a failure. However, writing can help us quiet those negative thoughts and become more confident and brave.

When we’re feeling like we can’t achieve our goals, we’re too weak, or we have no support, all we have to do is take a pen and a paper:

  • Write about how strong you are
  • Write about your previous accomplishments you’re proud of
  • Write about your plans without sugar-coating

When you put it all on paper and you tell yourself you’ve got this, you’ll have nothing to worry about or be afraid of.

Your own writing will help you remove the insecurities and put the emphasis on your strong self. 


There’s nothing more paralyzing for a person than a fear.

Most of us share the same fears:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of letting people down
  • Fear of not meeting expectations
  • Fear of losing ourselves

Although it’s scary for us to be out there in the real world, fighting for our space, we still need to do it.

Writing about your fears, and sharing your story can help you and the people reading it. You should write about your fears so as to:

  • Face them
  • Realize how irrational they are
  • Give yourself the wind in the back to overcome them
  • Prepare yourself for powering through them

For example, if you’re afraid your writing isn’t good enough, you can look for help on Lord of Papers and overcome that fear.

In addition, you’ll be able to get feedback from the people feeling the same way, or those who managed to overcome their fears.

This will help you rise above your insecurities and fears, and beat them.

So, are you in?

After reading through our paragraphs, do you feel encouraged to start writing and sharing your stories?

If it all seems a bit too much and you’re not sure you could handle it, don’t panic.

To prepare yourself for starting a writing adventure as a form of self-therapy, you can:

  • Look for online resources about writing 
  • Write a couple of stories just for yourself, and read them in a weeks’ time, once you forget what you’ve written
  • Read other people’s stories to see how they make you feel
  • Explore the world of writing before you slowly step in it yourself

Writing is a process which can help you learn about yourself, overcome a crisis, and quiet your negativity. By putting everything that’s on your mind on paper, you’ll be able to learn about yourself and make decisions without the fear of failure.

Hopefully, you’ll find this article inspiring and you’ll start writing your stories today.


Emma Robertson is a passionate writer and blogger at Resumes.Expert.  She has been writing for almost a decade, sharing her stories with others and reaching out to people in need of support. Emma loves to inspire other to share their stories as well, and enjoys seeing people overcoming their inner struggles through writing.