How I Hire: 6 Ways I Find and Hire Hardworking Millennials | LinkedIn.

In short, I think that hiring any generation is roughly the same.  Look for hard working people who will do what it takes to get the job done.  There are certainly generational differences, but these tips apply to hiring from any generation.

You can boil it down to this:

1. Be very honest in your interview.  Tell it like it will be.  Under promise and over deliver.  I’ve used this tip countless times, and the less I promise, the happier my employees are, because it’s more believable to them.  Those candidates that won’t speak to me?  Well, good riddance!

2. Don’t Hire if you get even a whiff of entitlement.  – enough said.  You don’t want anyone who feels entitled working for you.

3. Do a Hunger Check.  Are they hungry enough?

4. Everyone tells you who they are in an interview.  In many ways.  Listen to your gut.  It won’t lead you astray.

5. Shake ’em up.  Dare them to come and work for you.

6. When you find good ones, then help them move up.  They may leave, but they may also come right on back.