How Japanese Business Concepts Can Dive Your Success

When seeking ways to drive business success, many owners and managers run into roadblocks. If you don’t know how to improve productivity, you can be left grasping at straws trying to find new ideas. But many business owners tend to ignore ideas from other countries, and Japan has some of the best business principles and concepts in the world to drive success. Here are three Japanese business concepts that can help your business thrive and succeed. 


Kaizen is a type of business philosophy that attempts to develop peak efficiency. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “continuous improvement” and seeks to constantly improve the workflow. With Kaizen, you understand every problem going on in the flow of the workplace and develop solutions up and down the board to deal with them. The idea is not to constantly be changing issues, but rather to seek the root cause of inefficiencies and find a specific solution to improve it. You can learn more about kaizen online, it is a wonderful system that you should adopt at your business. 


Another Japanese business strategy that you should adopt to improve efficiency and grow your business success is adopting 5S principles. 5S principles use organization to maximize efficiency in the workplace. The 5 S’s are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain; following these 5 S’s improves the organization of your workplace, and ensures that there is as little friction as possible in your workplace preventing your employees from getting their work done. These principles tend to work better and faster than western principles of organization, and they are worth a try if you are having issues with a disorganized workplace. 


Yamazumi is a Japanese business concept that means “to stack up”. Yamazumi involves knowing the exact time cycle for each step in a work process, whether in manufacturing or office work. When there is repetitive work, you should know exactly how much time each step takes in the cycle, to keep it in comparison to how long each worker must complete the task. This way you can reduce the time of each task between stations of workers by evenly distributing tasks around time to ensure peak efficiency.  

There are great Japanese business concepts that can help any workplace become more successful. Try adopting any of these three business concepts and watch as productivity and efficiency soars. You won’t be disappointed you gave these a shot.

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