Management comes with a lot of benefits, but it also comes with challenges that you don’t face below the management level. One of these difficulties is connecting with your employees despite the power difference that you may be experiencing. When you can create strong connections with your employees, it is better for you and your whole team since you will all trust each other even more. 

Create Trust 

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your employees trust you. This takes consistent effort and constant work that shows you follow through on what you say. Developing trust can take time, but if you are transparent with the work you are doing and clear in your communication, it will go a long way. Talk to your employees and work on a regular basis to establish a relationship of trust that will help you all to do better and be more productive in the workplace. 

Show Empathy 

It also helps to show genuine care for your employees so that you can build a relationship that will last through challenging times at work. When your employees know you care about them, they will be much more likely to be productive and come to you when there is a problem. If you can learn to show empathy you can encourage more open communication in the workplace. This will also lead to improved processes and better systems throughout your team because everyone will be working together for the same purpose. 

Foster Collaboration 

As a manager, you are in an ideal position to foster collaboration among your team. You should get to know the skills of each of your employees so you can help them to work together more effectively. As you get to know each person’s skills make sure to acknowledge and appreciate them for what they bring to the table. Your job is to know your team, and to help them to get work done as efficiently as possible. Collaborating can be a great way to work better with your team and start connecting with them more effectively

Whether you have been in management for years or just got promoted, it’s important to connect with your employees. This will help you both to participate more effectively in the workplace and become a successful team. When you connect with your employees you build relationships and improve every aspect of the job.

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