How to Avoid the High Cost of Doing it All

The High Cost of Doing it All

~by Desiree Wolfe~

Doing it all. Is that possible? In short, no. The idea that you can “do it all” is a myth. Trying to “do it all” usually ends in doing many things poorly or few things, with loss of interest. Or it means getting absolutely nothing done. Ironic, isn’t it?

Time management was never designed as a method to get you to work beyond your endurance to exhaustion. This is a challenge for many women, especially caretakers or moms, who are running a business from their homes.

Before any time management system can be effective for your business or your life, you have to admit that you can’t do it all. This system won’t expand time, it merely helps you to track, plan and evaluate time use. Get out of your mind the notion that you even need to “do it all”. You’ll live longer if you do. Remember, you can’t manage time itself, but you can manage how you use it.


The High Cost of Doing it All

The High Cost of Doing it All

Set reasonable goals that can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Get real with yourself and be honest about how much time something will take you. You may want to grow a 6-figure business in one year, but you can only spend 10 hours a week in your office because you have young kids at home

Even if the grandparents are willing to baby-sit while you are in your office, how many hours a day can you go full speed? You have work hours, transportation times, time to clean or take care of the house, and spending some time with your family. Before long, you are barely surviving on coffee, energy drinks and four hours of sleep. That’s abusing time, not managing time.

If you are willing to sacrifice years of your life, miss your children’s growing up years and risk your health for a promotion that may or may not happen, then go ahead. Just remember the old saying, “time waits for no one.” You don’t get a second chance to use that time, so think long about how you want to invest your time – in business or in people.

Yes, when you are new in a business, you can expect to give additional effort. You are trading irreplaceable time of your life for a position that could vanish tomorrow if the company goes bankrupt or something happens beyond your control in your personal life.

When you develop time management strategies that help you be a dedicated rather than an obsessive worker, then you are building skills that will be valuable to your customers.

Don’t sell out early and use time management to chain yourself to customers that want to abuse your time. Find customers that value your time and encourage you to “do enough, then do for yourself too.”

Raise your hand for help. Learn how to outsource tasks that aren’t making you money or tasks that you absolutely dread. This might mean getting an assistant for your business or hiring a housekeeper once a month. By removing these tasks from your list, you can focus on what feels good and what makes you money. This is how to master time management.

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Desiree Wolfe

Desiree Wolfe

Meet the Author: Desiree Wolfe

Desiree Wolfe is a The Marketing Mentor for Mamapreneurs, helping women declare their niche and gain clarity in their mission. She is known for her sassy attitude and teaching entrepreneurs how to create marketing strategies that bring profits and productivity.

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