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The term “alpha” is thrown around a lot, and we tend to categorize both men and women as either “alpha” or “beta.”

However, we’d argue that “alpha” is a sliding spectrum; some people might be born as alphas, some people might grow into alpha-dom as they get older and more experienced, and there are also people who have some alpha characteristics and some beta ones. We think that your alpha-ness is something you can change, and it is definitely possible to adopt alpha behavior and characteristics across all different areas of your life.

In this post, we’ll be talking about how you can achieve these changes successfully, and channel your inner alpha. Perhaps you just need a nudge in the right direction or some tangible advice on how to be alpha. Read on to find how out to be an alpha woman in all aspects of your life. 

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Live with purpose

If you want to be an alpha woman, you need to live with purpose — know exactly what you want to get out of each day, whether it is in your professional life or personal life.

This means setting yourself clear, achievable goals for each day. This could be ticking off some important tasks off your to-do list in work or sweet-talking a big client into increasing their budget. It could also mean going to the gym for that high-intensity workout or eating healthily in order to achieve a fitness goal. 

These physical, mental and spiritual goals that you set yourself throughout your life define you — and as an alpha, you won’t let obstacles or complications get in your way of success. 

Revel in change and challenges

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. In fact, it rarely does. Things go wrong, relationships end, work situations change, job opportunities don’t work out, people get ill. Life can sometimes tip all of your best-made plans on their head, and ruin those carefully thought-out daily goals that we mentioned earlier.

This sucks. It really does. But if you want to be an alpha woman, then flip life the bird and push through the bad cards you’ve been handed. Working through the hard stuff and the unexpected changes is what makes you an alpha — there is no growth without change. Rise up to meet these challenges, and you will become stronger and stronger. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to go through life’s difficulties alone; leaning on people around you for emotional support doesn’t make you weaker or any less of an alpha. A true alpha has high emotional intelligence and recognizes when she needs help.

Understand the importance of balance

Being an alpha woman isn’t about being a workaholic with a high-pressure job who lives off caffeine and never makes it home for bedtime. 

A true alpha woman recognizes the importance of balance in her life: valuing her career, but also appreciating — and making time for — leisure, friends, family, and romance. 

This also means taking care of yourself and your body too; maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet (although, of course, it is completely natural to drink wine and eat out — in moderation!). A very alpha way of looking after yourself in every aspect, this biohacking podcast offers advice on using food, lifestyle, and exercise to optimize everything from sleep hygiene to your body clock.

Cultivating harmony between each different aspect of your life can be difficult (especially to start with), but you’re a fearless alpha woman with confidence, strength and emotional intelligence; we don’t doubt that you can do it. 

Be honest: know yourself and don’t be afraid to learn

Being alpha isn’t about being the best at everything and competing constantly.

If you want to be an alpha woman in all aspects of your life, then you’re going to need to be honest with yourself. There will be some things you don’t know, and some things that you aren’t (dare we say it) that good at. 

Know your strengths and weakness, and embrace the fact that you still have lessons to learn. People aren’t born with infinite knowledge and boundless confidence — some things will come naturally to you, but some things you will have to work at. Further your own development through learning and reading up on new topics, taking courses, asking questions and becoming an expert in your field.

Support other women

Being an alpha woman isn’t just about elevating yourself; it’s about lifting up and supporting other women too

There is nothing wrong with being a driven, ambitious alpha with goals, or celebrating your successes. But just because you have power, doesn’t mean you should just use it for your own benefit — or that you should push other people down in order to reach your goals and elevate your own status. 

You’ll find that many alpha women cite the support of other women as a key factor in their journey of learning and success, whether it’s female mentors, advisors, strong female role models, or just friends offering emotional support. 

Women should stand together and be unified, and helping to lift up the women around you is a surefire way to be more alpha. You can use your power as an alpha female to help other women in all aspects of your life — whether it is supporting them socially, or mentoring them in the workplace to develop their skills and confidence. 

If you want to be an alpha woman in all aspects of your life, then follow our top tips above. Being an alpha isn’t about shouting the loudest in meetings, or putting other women down — it’s a state of mind. Live with purpose, play to your strengths and embrace challenges, and you’ll soon see your own alpha qualities emerging.