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The role of an HR manager is not an easy one. Here are three industry specific suggestions for HR managers within a landscaping company.

Ensure Proper Training

Landscaping is a production-based business.  The more you can get done in a set amount of time, the more you make both individually and as a company. In order to maximize profits, you should make sure that all of your employees are highly qualified and well trained. Many tasks can take a new guy twice the time that it takes an experienced worker.

As an HR Manager, it is important to be able to vet your applicants in a way that you can ensure the hiring of only the best or most qualified workers. If these workers cannot be found during the application process, it is critical that training sessions be organized in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Although this training can be costly and seemingly annoying at the beginning, it will pay off in the long run.

Keep Employees Safe

It is the responsibility of an HR manager to keep their workers safe. The best way to do this is establish a good (and legal) workers’ compensation plan within the company. Workers’ compensation insurance covers many situations that can put your employees at risk. If your employees get hurt at work, this insurance allows them to still cover their bills and bring in money for their families. Workers’ compensation insurance also protects the employer from litigation. It is in the best interest (and it’s the law) for all businesses to have this insurance. In order to cut down on potential workers compensation claims, you should organize basic, necessary safety training and orientations for your employees.

Develop Trust

It is critical for the HR Manager to develop trust with their workers. Since the HR manager acts as a representative for the employees, a trusting relationship is essential. If employees feel that they cannot trust you, the company will suffer. Make a point of showing employees that you care about them and their families. Learn each employee’s name and role within the company. Talk to them casually whenever you can in order to develop a relationship with them. Listen intently to them in their conversations and requests. Small acts of kindness and genuine behavior will go a long way with your workers.

HR managers who ensure proper employee training, prioritize safety, and develop trust will be able to find success. Their relationships with employees will be stronger, and the companies for which they work will grow.

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