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Running your business the right way takes a lot of effort. We put out lots of articles on countless subjects relating to this. Sometimes, it feels like a marathon effort. You figure out one way to improve your business, only to find out that you have something else entirely to devote resources to. If you generate a positive work culture, though, a lot of your problems will take care of themselves.

Like any city worth visiting, the best businesses have a great culture. This is an intangible quality that’s less about what a company does and more about how it does it. When people want to stay with a company long-term, it’s often due to the work culture. Here’s how to build the right work culture for your business.

Find a Balanced Team

A successful work culture comes from consistency concerning work styles. Not everyone is going to get work done in the same way, but there shouldn’t be significant clashes.

Think of it like cooking. There are some flavors which are incredible together, but others that taste bad when combined. Many businesses have found hiring assessments helpful for filtering through applicants to find the best match for your company and culture. You might also try hiring employees who have worked at companies with cultures similar to what you’re trying to develop. When it comes time for interviews, you can gain an even better sense for whether someone will be a good fit.

One skill you should look for in every applicant is the ability to communicate professionally across different platforms. This skill will ensure smooth communication between employees, and it will give you confidence that each member of your team can communicate effectively with clients and customers. 

Provide a Safe Work Environment
How to Build the Right Work Culture for Your Business 1

Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects millions of workers across the country. Fortunately, you can take steps to provide a safe work environment for your employees. Part of that process is holding people accountable to workplace policies and guidelines, training employees in conflict resolution, and encouraging employees to report violent or suspicious behavior. There might be a hierarchy regarding leadership, but everyone should be considered equal in the workplace. When you outline policies for things like sexual harassment, you need to make sure it applies to everyone, including yourself. Accountability in the workplace is essential and should not be taken for granted. Part of your responsibilities as an employer includes keeping people in line and safe. Part of safety includes keeping your building up to code, accessible, and clutter-free. Taking these steps will prevent unnecessary injury at work.

Be Transparent

Your employees all have the right to know what’s going on in the workplace. There might be sensitive information that you can’t share freely, but you need to let people know about things like their performances and how they might need to be adjusted. An honest culture is a respectful culture. It’s better to share a difficult truth (in a respectful manner) than to lie and act like everything is okay.

How to Build the Right Work Culture for Your Business 2Make Work Fun

Just because it’s work doesn’t mean it has to be serious all the time. Your office should be able to loosen up occasionally. You can have things like casual Fridays or encourage dressing up on Halloween. Look around the office and think about what sort of decoration would perk up your employees’ moods, such as plants and inspirational posters. When you notice more smiles at work, you know you’re doing something right.

Lead by ExampleHow to Build the Right Work Culture for Your Business 3

The impression your employees have of their company is likely similar to the impact they have of you. If you’re rude or unfriendly, they’re going to find the entire office environment to be similarly cold. Do all you can to be a friend to your employees and a positive presence in your workplace.

When you have the right work culture for your business, you can practically feel positive energy flowing through your workplace. Employees will have more enthusiasm for each other and their work. The sense of pride should result in more productivity and better results. To succeed with your business and give it the right culture, you need more than brains. You also need a heart.