How to Build Your New Company Headquarters

Company Headquarters

Designing a new company headquarters for your business is a big step. You have a lot of decisions to make from location to design to layout. Consider the following when you go about making a plan for your new office headquarters building.

Build a Space That Makes Sense for Your Business

When you plan and build a new company headquarters, make sure you plan for an office that makes sense for your company. Consider your space needs, and what kind of office layout you want to have. Maybe you want a predominately open office floor plan combined with some separate offices with doors. If you want to have all separate offices, you won’t be able to fit as many desks as you would with a more flexible floor plan. Consider what other needs your company has in terms of space and layout like the number of conference rooms you need, and the amount of break space, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Use Sustainable Materials

Building a new headquarters is a great opportunity to build using sustainable materials. One way to do this is to source materials from your region or state as much as possible. Sourcing local materials is a more sustainable option because the materials will not have to travel as much as materials at a traditional construction site. Try and design your building to be more lightweight so it uses less steel and concrete to construct. Building a cool roof is a great option for your building because these roofs reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it. 

Make it Energy Efficient

You can build your office building to be more energy efficient by design. Choose windows that are double glazed that can prevent heat gain and less effectively. The lighting you choose for your building can have a huge impact on your energy use. Motion sensor lights are great for offices because they automatically turn off in spaces that are not being used. The way a building is sited at a location can also make it more sustainable by designing it to absorb sunlight in the winter and allow as much natural light as possible. Using smart thermometers can help regulate your office’s temperature to be in a comfortable range while saving energy by adjusting the temperature when people are not in the building.

Add Plenty of Parking

Parking is an important aspect to consider when building a new headquarters. Consider what your parking needs are based on how many employees you expect to be at the office on any given day. You will need to meet certain requirements on the number of ADA parking spaces you will need based on local laws and regulations. If you are trying to build quickly, think about what kinds of materials can make that happen. Asphalt paving can be ready quickly compared to other materials. You may have enough employees that it makes sense to build a parking structure either above or below ground. This adds an expense to your project budget, so make sure you are prepared for this.

Stay on Top of Permitting

Constructing a new headquarters will require a lot of permits. These include building permits, electrical permits, civil engineering permits, and eventually, a certificate of occupancy. Make sure you have a project manager or point person who is on top of making sure you are applying for permits in a timely fashion so that your project does not fall behind. Completing any work without a permit can lead to your project being stopped by your municipality. You may also get stuck with expensive fees for not following local laws. 

Hire a Qualified Architect

The best way to make sure you have a well-designed headquarters is to hire a qualified architect to design it. An architect can help you identify your space needs, design a building with a layout that works for you, and design a building that reflects the character of your company. Understanding your needs will help them design a space that works for you now and that you can grow into as your company grows. A qualified architect can help you with permitting and getting the necessary approvals as well. An architect will help you avoid errors throughout the process. In addition to reducing mistakes, an architect can help save you money by using the latest technology to design your space.

Pick a Good Location

When it comes to building an office headquarters, location matters. One way to think about your headquarters location is through the lens of transportation. If your employees primarily drive, making your office close to highways will help your employees get there faster. It may be a priority of yours that your office is located near public transportation hubs like subway, light rail, or bus stops. Your location should also take into account what is located nearby. Employees appreciate being located near good restaurants and coffee shops so they have good food options.

Design a Space Employees Feel Comfortable

One of the most important aspects of designing and building a new company headquarters is creating a place where everyone feels comfortable. If your office feels like a dungeon or is bland or has uncomfortable furniture, it will be hard for your employees to focus and be comfortable. Build space in your office for comfortable seating so people have a place to take a break and relax. Make sure there are windows in every office so the space feels light. Adding a courtyard or some kind of outdoor space is a great way to give your employees places outside to have lunch or team meetings. 

There are so many things to consider when building a new company headquarters building. If you are having a tough time making certain choices, poll your employees to gather their feedback so you have an idea of what they would like to see in a new building. Through careful planning and consideration of all the important factors, you can design a headquarters that works best for your company.


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