How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire


When you’re getting ready to see your friends, you’ll grab the earrings and the layered necklace you’re most fond of, no internal monologue, no second-guessing, no time wasted. You know what you’re in the mood for, you already know your wardrobe well enough and you know how to mix and match. Then this new job came along, or you decide to kick-start your own little venture, both of which come with the same stylish issue – what on Earth should you wear with the power suit, with the pencil skirt and the clean shirt, with the business dress?

Accessorizing can be a blast when you’re familiar with the turf, such as that coffee date with your besties. But when the time comes to use such details to build up and protect your professional reputation, to leave an impression in a meeting, and to stick to a certain unwritten dress code, you might find yourself wondering which piece will look stunning, and which one is just not cut out for the office. Here are a few simple, easy-to-apply pointers that will help you manage your business attire with greater ease, and maximize your knowledge of proper business accessorizing!

The function and beauty of your purse

Whether you work from your home office nook, or you actually spend the day at a business environment shared with your colleagues, you need a stylish purse or a briefcase. The art of choosing and matching your purse with all of your business attire can be tricky to master, so take your time when you’re on a purse-hunt. 

Consider your wardrobe. Do you wear mostly black, white, grey, and beige, or do you like to mix things up with royal blue, ultraviolet, or olive green? Color coordination is key when you’re making a purchase, and it’s better to have one high-quality piece than several purses that will fall apart in a matter of weeks. A black purse is always a win, but a natural leather color is also a viable option as it’s easy to match both with black, green, and blue. 

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 1

Scarves for color and femininity 

When you’re wearing monochrome suits and combos, you need only one detail to transform your entire outfit from a dull-fest into an expression of your personality – a stylish, silk scarf! Floral scarves on a neutral base such as black or beige are very popular for complementing a professional look, but even single-hued scarves in a vibrant color such as sunny yellow, orange, or pink can go a long way in perking up your outfit.

Once again, quality should come first, so look for scarves as well as warm pashminas that have no loose threads or tears. A pashmina is a great winter choice, but also great for transitional seasons to throw over your shoulders to keep you comfortable.

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 2

Less is more with earrings

Unlike those chunky dangle earrings or massive hoops reserved for a friend’s birthday party or any social event, you need to think of your business earrings differently. They need not be prominent, but they can be feminine and delicate, and still steal the spotlight. The perfect way to achieve just that is to opt for smaller earrings made of gold, which is a prime material for the office.

Sophisticated pendant earrings made of gold can be your daily go-to for adding a touch of elegance to your office look. Just make sure that the pendants in question are simple and polished, without too many ornaments or additions. Less truly is more with gold, since the material itself elevates your look immediately. Alternatively, pearls are appropriate as well, as long as they are also plain and classic.

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 3

Show off your punctual nature

Just like with all other accessories, wearing a watch to work also speaks to your values and can help you leave the right impression. Much like a classy bag will let your colleagues know you mean business, and your earrings will show off your subtle femininity, your watch tells them you’re punctual, reliable, and stylish all in a single go.

It’s good to have a few choices in your collection, since you can mix and match different shapes and shades with your attire. Pastel watches are great for darker outfits to give a little contrast to your look, while masculine shapes in the metal bracelets of the watch are great to add a different kind of contrast to your classy look!

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 4

Statement but simple with rings

If you’re one of those gals that love to add baubles to their fingers, you’ll need to dial it down just a little bit for the office. First off, it’s impractical to clink and clank with your fingers every time you’re typing a message or an email, and secondly, it does give the wrong impression. A little will go a long way with your rings, so opt for just one statement ring that goes with your persona.

Let your earrings be some form of a guide when choosing your rings, since delicate and minimalist is the best way to go with your finger baubles at work. Simple bands are always welcome, especially if the metal in question is gold, while a fine embellishment in the shape of a leaf or another natural element can also look stunning without being overly intrusive.

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 5

Have you tried a brooch?

Who knew that such a simple, timely trend can still not just survive in this modern fashion environment, but actually thrive in it? In fact, wearing a brooch is a wonderful way to create an authentic look, especially if you have a few pieces you’ve inherited in your family. They have value beyond mere beauty, and they can never really go out of style. 

Plus, you can wear it in a multitude of different ways to keep things interesting for yourself. If you’re wearing a simple cocktail dress to a business event, adding a brooch can create a natural focal point of your outfit. As for your office look, a brooch on the collar of your shirt is fun and simple at the same time, while the lapel of your jacket is another office-friendly alternative. 

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire 6

No need to stick to boring office outfits, as no dress code prevents you from personalizing your style with the right accessories. Whether you’re getting ready to tackle a new job or even to build your own business from the ground up, a little elegance in your accessorizing can boost your confidence and leave a marvelous impression on those around you.

Bio: Fiona is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She’s in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In her spare time, she plays tennis and travels around the world. You can read more from her on her blog High Style Life.


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