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The holidays are here, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. It’s not uncommon for many employers to experience a drop in productivity as their office begins to daydream about their upcoming time off. Just because you’d rather be cozied up by the fire doesn’t mean you can’t have a holly, jolly time at work! Incorporating new traditions during the winter season is a great way to build trust, strengthen bonds, and bring your team closer together.

The Holiday Spirit

Make sure that you are inclusive but not forceful. Some people find the holidays a difficult time to deal with, so you should be respectful of their views and make sure that none of your holiday events come with a sense of obligation. Avoid celebrating Christmas only, and incorporate other holidays like Hanukah and Kwanza. Try to embrace the spirit of the season, not the name of the holiday. Make sure that your annual office party is equally inclusive and does not come with any sense of obligation – employees who do not observe any holiday this season shouldn’t feel pressured to attend.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Have your office’s HVAC serviced to ensure everyone is warm without having to be bundled up. According to Able Service Company, a well-maintained heating system should last up to 20 years. Set the thermostat to no higher than 72 degrees, which should keep everyone toasty but not bother anyone who is sensitive to the heat. You can also offer some useful winter utilities in the office; consider having snow scrapers for windshields, heat packs for hands and some hot chocolate and tea always available.

Having Festive Fun

Use the season as an opportunity to celebrate your team. Treat them to a holiday lunch, hold a cookie decorating contest or trim the office tree together. You can even treat the day before people take off like the day before winter break in school; have a movie marathon, laugh together and just enjoy the moment without any pressure. The holidays are a time to show our gratitude for others, no matter what holiday they choose to celebrate. Use this special time of year as an opportunity to bring your office closer together. You may want to give back by running an office food or toy drive or volunteering at a local shelter. However you decide to bring the holidays into work this season, make sure that you never lose sight of what it’s really all about.

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