How to Create Content That Can Make an Impact

How to Create Content That Can Make an Impact

No matter how amazing your business is, it can’t grow if you don’t get the word out. That is why marketing is so crucial. Your marketing strategy will be most effective if it is diversified. One powerful marketing tool is your social media and website content. However, not all content is created equal. Here are three ways to improve your content so that it can make the biggest impact.

Appeal to Emotion

While consumers strive to make the most rational decisions possible, they are also heavily influenced by their emotions. When you appeal to the emotional side of people, you are connecting with them on a personal level. A lot of time and money has been invested to determine which emotions are the most powerful in marketing. These studies show that both positive and negative emotions can be impactful. The most influential positive emotions include love, belonging, trust, and awe. On the negative side, guilt, sadness, and fear are incredibly powerful. Just be sure to use the negative emotions with caution. Too much, and they will backfire.

Make it Interactive

Another way to boost your content is to make it interactive. A great way to do this is to build incentives into your content. About 80% of customers will interact with your brand if you give them incentives. Incentive marketing includes loyalty programs, competitions, special promotions, and fun games. These types of motivational devices can significantly improve your marketing strategy. This is because people tend to respond to specific and direct calls to action, especially when there is a potential for reward.

Make it Relevant

You want your content to be compelling to your target audience. This requires a deep understanding of your audience on a personal level. Start by creating an imaginary customer persona. Who are they? What do they worry about? What inspires them? What are their needs? What keeps them up at night? What makes them happy? Once you truly understand your customers, you can brainstorm ideas for content that would be of interest to them. Be sure to add new content frequently and utilize more than just one form. You might post on a blog one day, and then add a video the next to keep things fresh.

The content you post can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly, or it can fall flat. If you want to develop content that really packs a punch, be sure to get to know your target audience, appeal to their emotions, and create content that will be compelling for them specifically.

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