Mergers are incredibly common in the corporate world as businesses purchase other businesses and join forces as one large company. But when a merger happens, there are a lot of details to iron out and plenty of change that goes on. There is bound to be an influx of new employees after a merger, since both companies are now working together. Handling this situation can be a struggle for leaders and managers to work through. Here are three ways that you can manage your new employees after a merger.

Connect Them to the Culture

The first way that you can deal with the influx of new employees after a merger is to connect them with the company culture. When new employees arrive after your merger, they will be arriving from another company with different culture and workplace expectations. Think about it just like onboarding new employees in the company culture. You should also do your best to keep the new employees involved in the social life of the office to avoid the formation of cliques. Encourage co-mingling however you can and get the new employees to feel like a part of the team.

Create More Parking Space

Another important step that you may have to take to deal with an influx of new employees after a merger is to create more parking spaces. When you get a lot of new employees your parking needs will change. You may want to expand your parking lot in advance of the new employee’s arrival to ensure there is space for everyone. Asphalt paving can withstand heavy traffic, making it ideal for a parking lot. If you are going to build out your parking lot for new employees you should seriously consider using asphalt paving for longevity.

Prepare More Workspaces

The final way that you can deal with an influx of new employees after a merger is to prepare more workspaces. With more employees comes the need for more workspace. There needs to be both disk space and a comfortable chair for every employee at the bare minimum. Do your best to ensure that everyone has optimal and respectable space to themselves that is truly their own to prevent issues from arising.

Mergers are quite commonplace in the corporate world today. But the influx of employee’s mergers brought with them is still a challenge across the board. Follow these three tips to deal with the influx of new employees after a merger most effectively.

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