Communication is one of the most important elements of a productive workplace. Without clear, reliable, effective communication, no information (and therefore product) can be understood, created or channeled by your company! Here are a few effective ways to enhance communication in your workplace, and thereby boost your overall productivity.

Use Repetition

Any position within your workplace requires a variety of tasks to juggle and things to pay attention to. This makes it unfortunately easy for some information to be overlooked, misunderstood, or forgotten. Therefore, repetition is incredibly important to any memo or valuable information within your business! While it may feel unnecessary (and annoying, even,) it is worth the effort and consistency to ensure that all of your employees are aware of the information you need them to have in order to do their jobs well. So, send out memos, post them in high traffic areas of the workplace, and repeat them in every meeting. That way, no employee can deny having been exposed to the information!

Use Visuals

The human brain responds extremely well to visual cues and reminders. Use this tool often to highlight or bring attention to important messages within your company! One popular form of visual aid is called “Kanban” cards, a Japanese method of organizational visuals in which a card (representing a certain task) is moved along a timeline to demonstrate to viewers the status of its completion. Additionally, Kanban cards can help identify items as they move throughout the production process. Symbolic representations are simple, quick, and easy to understand, making them the perfect tool for general understanding of your workers.

Use the Right Platforms

The number of available online networking and chat platforms has increased significantly in recent years. Today, you have a long list of options to choose from to keep your employees in touch with each other and with you. Each option is programmed to benefit different purposes for its users—explore the options you have and pick one that offers the kinds of special features you need for the best communication. Furthermore, make sure that your entire company uses the same platform so that communication is easily accessed and understood across all departments! Any disconnect from office to office can cause major miscommunication problems for your teams.

Boost the efficiency and reliability of your company communication through repetition, visual aid, and technological help, and feel confident that your entire business is on the same page! This connection will ensure a positive and productive connection that will benefit your business substantially.

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