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The first step for taking the PMP® or Project Management Professional exam is to fill in the application form. Candidates who wish to appear for the PMP® exam must fill in an online application form and are available on the website of the project management institute. You must have complete information available before filling in the online application form for the PMP exam. You must attach all important documents to prove that you meet the required qualification for taking the exam.

In this article, we will discuss the details required for filling in the online application form for the PMP exam. When you have proper knowledge and information related to filling out the application form you can get your application approved easily.

The Application Process For the PMP® Exam

The application process is when you start filling out the application form on the website. You will get three months to complete your application after you start the process. After you submit the form, it will be reviewed and will take about five days. You will then get a notification if you are eligible to take the exam and then you must make payment of the exam fee.

You may get a notification that your application is under audit. You do not have to worry if you have provided the correct information on your application. You can check the entire process for filling in the online application in the PMP® handbook available on the website of PMP.

  • To fill in the application form you mustvisit the PMP website and log in if you are already a member of PMI®.
  • If you have not registered earlier, then you mustfirst create an account to start filling out the application form.
  • After logging in, you mustgo to the dashboard. You will find a link to know more about the PMI certifications.
  • Click on the link and select the certification for which you wish to fill in the application form. You mustfill in the application form on the website because it cannot be downloaded in PDF format.
  • You can fill in the application form within three months after you have started to fill it in. After filling in the complete application form, you can download it for further references.

Different Sections of the PMP Application Form

The PMP application form is divided into different sections:

  • First

Candidates must fill in the complete education information in this section starting from the highest level of education. You must fill in the number of years spent in higher education, the name of the college or university, and the country where you have studied.

You must have the required educational background to apply for the PMP exam. You can check the details of your educational background on the official website of the PMP and you must possess any one of the educational requirements given on the website to apply for the exam.

  • Second

After filling in the education information, you must fill in the project management education section. If you have not completed your PMP training course avoid filling in this section. You must provide proof that you have already completed your training hours for project management. To fill in the PMP application you should complete 35 hours of Project Management training.

You must fill in the complete details such as your training provider, the dates when you did the training and the name of the course.

  • Third

The next part to fill in the online application for the PMP exam is your experience in project management. It is the most difficult part of the application form. You must be careful while filling in this part of the application form because you must give proof of your project management experience to become eligible for the PMP exam.

You must fill in various details such as the title of your project, the name of the organization where you did the project, your job title, the methodology you used for completing the project, the size of the project team, the budget of your project, your responsibilities or role played by you, and the dates of the project or select ongoing if the project is not completed yet. You must have experience of between 24-60 months of project management depending on your educational qualification. You must write the truth about your PMP experience.

  • Fourth

The last part of the PMP application is to fill in your exam details. In this part, you must give your contact details such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and country where you want to take the exam.

  • Submit

Now, it is the end of filling in the application form for the PMP exam. After filling in the different sections you must click on the Submit button. You must download the application form for future references. You must read the terms and conditions and tick the box to agree with the terms and conditions before submitting the application form.

Then, you must click on the submit button to submit your application form.

There is no need to add references in your application form but if your application is not approved and sent for audit then you may have to give documents to prove that you have worked on the projects mentioned in the application form. You may have to ask your manager to sign the documents. You must contact them again if your application is sent for audit. You should provide your correct contact details so that they can contact you.

Therefore, when you want to apply for the PMP exam, you must speak with your project managers. If your application gets selected for an audit you must verify your experience details and the hours, you have worked.

Tips for Filling in the Application Form for the PMP Exam

Candidates can follow the tips given to fill in the application form for the PMP exam:

  • Someone must be available at your address to receive any information from PMI such as your certification when it is sent.
  • You must check the experience section thoroughly to ensure that you have filled the experience of different process groups
  • Speak with your project sponsors or managers before applying so that they know and will be available if you need any help
  • Submit all documents to prove your education in project management.
  • You will have three months to fill in the application form. Therefore, you must spend proper time and fill in the information correctly to ensure that your application gets selected.


Filling in the application form for the PMP certification exam is a tough and lengthy process. You must collect all the information before you start filling in the application form. You must have the required documents available so that you can fill in the correct information in your application form.

You must be careful while filling in your experience and education qualifications so that your application gets selected. You must inform your project manager before filling in the application so that he/she may be available when needed. You will have enough time to complete the application form to avoid errors and fill in the application form properly.