How to Find and Release Hidden Blocks to Manifesting

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~by Kristin Lloyd~

Have you tried manifesting but found it unproductive? Are you unsure how to go about manifesting? Does the concept sound mystifying?

What Exactly is Manifesting?

Manifesting is allowing your desires to come through easily by harnessing the belief that whatever you desire, it will find its way to you in divine time. This is the simplest way to explain manifesting.

Manifesting is not easy for everyone. Many people experience blocks which need to be cleared to allow those desires to flow with ease. Everyone at one time or another has experienced fears, limiting beliefs, has felt undeserving or unworthy, held on to struggle, and/or has had a certain amount of negative self-talk which may keep them locked into a specific pattern of thinking. Others may have deeply rooted blocks from messaging received from parents or caregivers. Some people also get stuck in “where’s my stuff” syndrome, in which they project a low-vibrational state (i.e. fear, anxiety, stress) on what they want to receive. This actually repels the desire instead of attracting it. Therefore, these beliefs and situations are “blocks” to manifesting. When people cannot name their blocks, there is an extra step of mindfulness or awareness required because the blocks are more deeply rooted within the subconscious or unconscious mind.

Once identified, these blocks (thoughts, beliefs, and/or emotional states) can be reframed or dissolved because they can be worked through and released.

Finding Hidden Blocks

First you’ll need to examine your process of manifesting. Are you following the proper steps to manifesting?

Here are the steps:

  1. Set the intention or expectation, believe and feel that you already have it, take action steps to show the universe you mean business, and then allow it in with ease (expect without force).
  2. Examine any resistance (thoughts, emotions, beliefs) that are not in line with the desire. In other words, what comes up when you think about receiving the desired outcome? Initially, you may feel excitement and a positive emotional connection, but you may also experience anxiety, tension, nervousness, or an emotional uneasiness. This helps you identify if there is a block more deeply rooted. This process does require a greater awareness and an observation of your emotions.
  3. Write down a brief journal entry about what it is like to have this in your life already. For example, let’s say you are a new business owner and you want more customers/clients. So you begin the manifesting process, but in your mind, you worry if they will like you, want to work with you, or if you can produce the desired results. This represents not only your fear, but also a block to manifesting. You wonder if you can show up, and energetically you push new clients away because your energy is in a low-vibrational state which is represented by anxiety, worry, fear, and doubt. This is a very simplistic example, but it illustrates the point that blocks can take many forms. They can be a belief about you, about others or the outcome itself. You may uncover a deep-seated belief that you are not really worthy, or you may feel guilt about receiving. These can be uncovered when you deconstruct or breakdown what it is like to receive the desired outcome, and feel all of the feelings that emerge.

How anxious you feel about receiving it and how emotionally attached you are to the outcome can also bring up unconscious or subconscious blocks. So bringing your thoughts and emotional awareness to the surface will help you to become conscious of them so you can release them.

How to Release your Blocks

Releasing your blocks is easy once you identify them. There are a variety of techniques which can be used in releasing blocks, but these are the most universal in helping with manifesting.


You can release them through journaling by rewriting your story and reframing your feelings around the outcome.

EFT Tapping

You can release your blocks through EFT tapping by tapping through the limiting beliefs and raising your vibration. The initial tapping will include, “Even though I believe… (limiting thought/belief).. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” This helps release the belief through acknowledgement and self-love. Then a second round of tapping should include a positive statement with the new empowering belief. This may include phrases like, “My clients/customers love me because they get results and see the value in our work together”, which reframe the fears, boosting your confidence and raise your emotional vibration.


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice sometimes used by energy healers and in energy clearing sessions. It is a powerful chanting technique in forgiveness, love, and reconciliation. It also means to put right, correct, adjust, amend, or fix. When practiced it can bring about a sense of calm, and assists in self-acceptance. It helps with releasing blocks as most, if not all blocks, are built in the mind, and the forgiveness, self-love, and self-acceptance help release expectations and reset one’s energetic balance.

DWFG – Do What Feels Good

Another way to release blocks is by taking strategic action toward the desired outcome, despite the “stinkin’ thinking”, which will gain you clarity and confidence, and raise your energetic vibration. Blocks can also be a resistance. Instead, let go of resistance and do what feels good.

Meet the Author: Kristin Lloyd-Moussa 

How to Find and Release Hidden Blocks to Manifesting 1

Kristin Lloyd-Moussa

Kristin is a Strategic Love Coach and Mindset Mentor for single success-driven women who desire to breakthrough their glass ceiling in career/business and love/relationships. In the last 10 years, Kristin has held positions as an educator, consultant/strategist, psychotherapist, coach, and trainer. Kristin’s passion for empowering women inspired her to coach single women around their personal and professional growth more specifically in the areas of attracting love and prosperity through mindset conditioning and self-acceptance/self-love. To pick up your free copy of “Love Yourself First” or for more information about Kristin, head over to: Facebook: @transformationalpath


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