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~by Debbie Jacobs~

Like many others, I had to learn how to gain control of my thoughts. Giving up sarcasm was huge. I had to come up with a new approach to humor. How could I be funny without being negative? I practiced saying things from a positive perspective, and if a negative comment came to mind, I simply did not contribute it to the conversation.

No negative thoughts and no negative comments. It was a zero tolerance for negativity policy; because negativity doesn’t serve us at all. My new policy left a lot of what I thought unsaid, and also challenged me to find ways to reword my ideas in open, positive ways. Guess what? It can be done. And the negative comments really weren’t missed.

While training myself to be accepting, I found “being open” helpful to transition from coming from a place of “no.”  If I’m open to things, then it’s easier to say yes. Being open was initially very forced, and many times I said yes to things I would normally say no to, but when you come from place of no, you miss out on opportunities and possibilities. Saying no stems from our conditioning; it is a behavioral pattern and fear-based, not something dependent on the situation.

In problem solving and conflict resolution, I found it most helpful to practice being solution-oriented. “There are no problems, only solutions”. When a problem arises, focus not on the problem, but on solving it. It’s another form of focusing on the positive of a situation and not getting sucked into the negativity of a situation. I know I am handling a situation in a positive way if I stick to being solution-oriented. It’s become my go-to coping skill when conflict arises, and it brings resolutions and closure to situations. Many arguments have been nipped in the bud by gaining closure to the issue at hand and creating win-win situations. Practicing being solution-oriented means not staying mad or holding a grudge; it entails resolving the matter and coming to resolution as soon as possible. It’s about finding solutions, not problems.

Our thoughts are based on our conditioning and it is possible to radically change our thoughts. We don’t have to go to our graves with the same old thoughts or the same way of thinking. We can always change our minds. It is not an easy feat by any means, but it is an option and it is possible.

To make it easier, I developed an app called My Inner Voice. My app allows you to record affirmations in your own voice, and listen to them while you sleep to reprogram your subconscious mind. The idea for the My Inner Voice app came to me during a Louise Hay retreat, where Louise Hay said, “listening to affirmations recorded in your own voice is more powerful and effective for programming the subconscious mind.”  Not since the tape cassette has there been technology that makes it this easy to record affirmations in your own voice. The My Inner Voice app is available exclusively through my Mastery of Thought Coaching Programs, where I teach how to gain control of the subconscious and reprogram your inner voice, and then program it to your subconscious mind using the My Inner Voice app.

As for the results of my “Change your thoughts, change your life” challenge, by focusing on stopping my negative thoughts, my negative thoughts have indeed stopped, and my mind doesn’t get bombarded with negative thoughts on auto-pilot and flashbacks of hard times. By using the My Inner Voice app, my thoughts are more positive and focused on what I want to manifest. By adding meditation, my “monkey mind” is quiet and feeling more inner peace. I don’t have racing thoughts. I am creating a new reality for my life. I already created a new life just by changing my thoughts. So indeed, “Change your thoughts, change your life” worked for me. From personal experience, I know you most certainly can change your life by changing your thoughts. You can go from unhappiness to happiness, and having gone through this challenge,

I changed my life and got into transformational life coaching full time so I could help others change their thoughts to get to happiness too. We don’t have unhappy lives, we have unhappy thoughts. We can certainly go from negativity, fear-based conditioning to positivity, love-based living! In this day and age, anything is possible. There are no limitations!

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Debbie Jacobs

Meet the Author: Debbie Jacobs

Debbie is a positivity mindset, transformational life coach, focusing on success and happiness. She’s been a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, based on Louise Hay’s teachings, and is currently pursuing certification from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Debbie studies the many principles of Universal Law and teaches alignment as fundamental happiness practices. Debbie is also a LifeSprings/Mastery graduate and developed the My Inner Voice App, designed exclusively for her coaching programs. For more information, visit her “My Inner Voice app page” on Facebook.