When you must take a business trip, you want to arrive rested, calm, and prepared to achieve your goals. Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Think carefully about how you intend to travel to your destination, and do what you can to make your trip a positive one.

Fly to Your Location

Flying is the most common method of business travel. It’s fast and efficient, but as every traveler knows, it’s not always without problems. Flight delays and cancellations, security checks, gate changes—all can leave you frazzled and tense.

If possible, plan to arrive the day before your first business obligation to allow for any unexpected occurrences. Signing up for TSA Precheck can save you the hassle of long security lines. You can also save time and trouble by traveling with carry-on luggage only.

Take a Business Road Trip

If your destination isn’t too far, you might consider a business road trip. You can rely on a GPS system to give you directions and relax by listening to music or an audiobook. Taking the car is a good choice if you have a lot of luggage, boxes, samples, or displays that you’ll need for your meeting.

If you’re traveling with colleagues, a business road trip can save money. It can also give you the opportunity to become better acquainted and enjoy each other’s company. Playing road trip games with your coworkers can be a great team-building experience. And, it can pass the time while on the road.

Take a Train

Taking a train for your business trip has many advantages. It’s generally less expensive than flying, and considering the extra hours you must spend at the airport, you may be able to arrive more quickly. The seats are larger, and you can get up and stretch your legs on long trips.

Being able to work on the train is one of the biggest advantages. Unlike on an airplane, you don’t have to shut down your phone, but you should be considerate to other passengers by keeping conversations quiet and to a minimum. Most trains are equipped with WiFi.

Next time you have an out-of-town business meeting, take some time to think about how you’re going to get there. Each transportation mode has advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose, plan ahead to make your trip productive and enjoyable.

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