How to Help Employees Get to Know Each Other Better

When your employees know each other better, there is more camaraderie in your workplace. Because they are more familiar with each other and more invested in each other’s lives, the quality of work—particularly group work—improves. 

To be a more effective company, you need to have a group of employees who are willing and able to work well together.

Create Opportunities for Cooperation

Employees get to know each other better through collaborative efforts. For upcoming projects, consider assigning teams. If there are people who tend to work together often, get them on different teams so they can experience collaborating with other coworkers. 

To ensure that each person on the team is doing their part, you should ask for task transparency. You can do this by having team members report what they do each shift to each other or to you. When other team members see their coworkers’ efforts, they will be more motivated to cooperate and work well to create an impressive product. 

Put on an Event

Sometimes employees may struggle to get to know each other because they only see each other in work settings. Because of this, they might not know a lot about each other’s personalities or hobbies outside of work. You can help deepen coworker relationships by putting on an event that isn’t all about work-related content. 

Some events you might consider hosting are a retreat, a holiday party, or a dinner. You should consider hiring an event planner if you are hosting a complex event or don’t have much experience with planning. An event planner can help you stay organized during the process.

Get to Know Them Yourself

When you are a prominent leader in a company, one of the best ways to lead is by example. Employees are acutely aware of hypocrisy and will not want to get to know each other better if they feel like you don’t try to get to know them at all. You can get to know your employees better by creating opportunities for connection like one-on-one meetings or eating lunches together. As you remember details about your employees, you can foster connections between some of them based on shared interests or personalities. 

In all efforts to get to know others better, you should seek to be genuine. Try to understand how close of a relationship an employee or coworker would want with you and respect those boundaries. Having a great work relationship with someone does not always mean that you are best friends outside of work. 

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