As an employer, you have an obligation to help your employees feel comfortable when they are at work, and when you fulfill this duty, your employees will be more productive. Your employees are likely to be at their best when they are supported and calm in the office. You can support your employees by decreasing their stress with some of the strategies in the article below.

Encourage Breaks

Some employers work to discourage their employees from taking breaks because they feel that is a better use of their time. However, when your employees can take real breaks, they can be more productive while they are working. In general, this means that although your employees are working for a shorter amount of time, they are producing better results and getting their job done more effectively. 

You should make sure that each of your employees takes at least two fifteen-minute breaks in addition to a longer lunch break. Doing so will ensure that your employees are on the ball while they are at their desks.

Redesign Your Workplace

If your office space is not feeling comfortable and appealing for your employees, that can also lead to more stress. A quick redesign of the workplace can help to make your employees more comfortable and decrease their stress. You should start by thinking about the layout of your workplace and how it can be optimized. 

Then you should think about bringing in new furniture that is comfortable and stylish. Finally, you should consider how you can use color to make the space even better. For example, using blue colors in your workplace can create a calming effect.

Support Them Financially

Financial stress can be hugely detrimental to your employees and your business, especially when your employees are stressed about meeting their basic needs. If you want to help decrease your employees’ financial stressors, you need to make sure you are paying them enough. 


Choosing to underpay employees may seem effective in the short term, but it will lead to higher levels of burnout and turnover. This can make it difficult for your employees to be productive at work, and can also prevent you from maintaining good relationships. 


As you work to make life a little easier for your employees, you should take their needs into account. Decreasing their stress in the office and at home can make a big impact on how they feel at work. And that can help your business to be a stronger and more productive place for everyone.

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