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Over the last year, many businesses have made the decision to move to more remote work. While this has led to many new opportunities, it also comes along with challenges. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining communication with your business.


Do Regular Video Check-Ins

There are many ways you can stay in contact with your team remotely. However, there is still value in having in-person contact. The closest you can get to in-person contact with remote working is video calls. With a video call, you have real time conversations with people where you can see their expressions and mannerisms. This allows you to better communicate with them and hold more of a discussion. Often, a video call is a more comfortable setting for people to discuss any obstacles they’ve come across as well as problems they are having. It can even be a great opportunity to share the good things that have been happening. If you feel like communication is lacking in your business, then scheduling regular video calls to check-in can be beneficial.


Work in the Cloud

Collaboration is an important part of any business and it can be difficult to do remotely. One way to make collaboration easier is to work in the cloud. When using the cloud, you can create, edit, and share documents online and everyone in your business can easily access them. In addition to using the cloud to share documents, it can also be used to improve overall communication. VOIP is part of a unified communications system that can help employees work from any device. VOIP (video over internet protocol) is a technology that allows you to communicate via the internet. This includes many video call services, but it can also be used phone to computer and phone to phone. This type of communication makes it more convenient for you to collaborate with your team.


Internal Messaging System

One problem with remote communication is there are many options to use. This can make it difficult for everyone to stay on the same page and messages can be lost. You should make sure you have an internal messaging system in place. This system should be your main mode of communication where you can send out announcements, engage in quick conversations, and even create a virtual “watercooler.”  


Communication is a key element of running an effective business. With a remote team, it can be difficult to maintain the desired level of communication. However, it is not impossible. There are many options you can explore to improve communication.


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