How to Improve Employee Moods with a New Office Design

Have you noticed your employees feeling moody, anxious, or unmotivated? Of course, this can be happening for a variety of reasons, but sometimes, if employees feel limited or trapped in their surrounding work environment, this can negatively affect their mood. Luckily, changing up your office design can improve your employees’ moods. Here are a couple of changes that you can make to your office to help boost the mood of your work environment.

Organize the Layout Differently

The layout of your office can have a surprisingly powerful impact on your workers. Employees can feel sad and discouraged if they are isolated and aren’t able to connect with their peers at work. If your office is set up with dividing cubicles that are far apart, your employees likely won’t have a lot of positive interaction with each other. By moving your cubicles closer together, or by creating a more open, interactive workspace, you can help the employees to connect with each other, which will improve their moods. For example, you can get rid of cubicle walls altogether and can instead give everyone a designated desk space out in the open, while still having areas for meetings and group interactions, such as couches or meeting tables.

Use Different Colors

Another change that you can make to your office to improve employee moods is to use different colors in your décor. By giving your office space a paint job, you can easily boost the outlook and moods of those around you. There are certain colors, like yellow, orange, and pink, that can lift your mood. Light, bright colors such as white and pastels also encourage energy and optimism. It is important to budget enough time and money to change up the color scheme in your office. Commercial painting projects can cost thousands of dollars if your office is large. However, it can make a big difference for your employees.

Add Better Lighting

In addition to incorporating happier colors in your office space, it is important to add better lighting in order to improve employee moods. If your office isn’t well lit, it can decrease concentration and productivity, and it can negatively affect the moods of your employees. When improving lighting in your office space, try to find some lighting options that are bright and that evenly light all of your space. Also, don’t forget the great influence of natural lighting. Natural lighting is not only less expensive, but it also can help your employees feel connected to the outdoors, which can help them to feel healthier and happier.

So, when you’re trying to figure out how to change your office to boost employee moods, remember to change the office layout, use different colors, and add better lighting. Of course, it can also be beneficial to ask your employees what would make them happier in their work environment. Remember, it is important to prioritize the health and happiness of your employees, as that can affect their productivity, and more importantly, their overall wellbeing.

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