~by Haley Lynn Gray~

Are you wondering how you can increase your close rate with prospective clients?

There is one simple tip I can give you that will help you close about 80% more clients. The tip? Following up after a call with a client. Statistics show that if you follow up with a prospect or lead until they either tell you to go away or they are dead, you will close on a much higher percentage of your clients. There are some people who obviously won’t be a good fit for your company or services, so you should determine that early on and remove those from your prospect list as soon as feasible.  

Increase-close-rate-bring-in-leads-compressor- close rateAnother statistic that I have seen repeatedly, and believe wholeheartedly, is that 50% of leads are brought on after the fifth call. Think about all of the people who give up after the first, second, third, and fourth calls? Those people don’t have clients, but you will, because you’ll be following up with those leads over and over again.  

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that continuing to follow people even after they’ve indicated that they’re not buying right now is easy to do. It’s not. For the health of your business, you have to keep following up. The more you follow up, the better your business will be. Keeping the end goal in mind is what you have to do, even when the going isn’t easy.

We’ve learned in the home care industry, that it takes between 9 and 13 contacts with a referral source to get them to the point of being willing to send us a single lead. Imagine how many people give up before that point? Most people simply don’t have the stamina to follow up with a referral source that many times before receiving a lead. Yet, it’s the people who continue to persevere until they get a lead that are the most successful.

I share a lot of tips, but one of my biggest tips for you is following up. I’ll repeat it again: Follow up until the prospect either tells you to go away, you find out that they are not a good fit, or they are dead. (Yes, in the senior care industry, we do have prospects that die on us, so obviously, we quit following up at that point). In all other instances you should keep following up.

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