An office is, first and foremost, a place of work. However, if the only items in your office building are functional, your employees may not be very comfortable, and have a harder time concentrating or doing their work. Try making your office space more comfortable with a few of these tips.

Add Office Amenities

Your employees are going to be spending a big part of their days in the office, so you should set it up to be a place where they can relax and refuel. A big part of this is providing amenities to your employees that can keep them refreshed during their work hours. Including a break room in your office building can help with this a lot. In this room, you can provide drinks and snacks that your employees have access to when they need a break. Providing healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and more can help keep your employees’ energy up and increase their productivity throughout the day. It’s also good to include a refrigerator and microwave in the break room so that your employees can store and reheat any other food they decide to bring into the office. These are very basic office amenities, but you can go bigger. A nice coffee machine, for example, can be a big help to your employees and make them feel much more appreciated.

Keep it at an Ideal Temperature

No one wants to spend forty hours per week in an office that is too hot or too cold. These unfit temperatures can disrupt your employees’ productivity and give them a reason to dislike coming into the office. If you keep the office at an ideal temperature, your employees will be able to be much more comfortable while they’re doing their work. In general, somewhere between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable temperature for work. To maintain these ideal temperatures, be sure to have your HVAC system regularly inspected and maintained. Changing your filters helps preserve your HVAC system and decrease future repair issues. A well-functioning HVAC system means more comfortable employees.

Make it Cozy

Realistically, people can’t work for eight hours straight without needing a break. If people don’t take breaks, their energy and productivity will slow down until their work suffers. Making your office cozy can help your employees take better breaks in order to be more productive. Invest in some comfortable furniture for any common areas within your office space where employees can relax. Make sure the lighting is nice, and that the office smells good. All of these additions can make your office space more comfortable for your employees, and make them more excited to come to work.

If you’re going to have a team of employees working together in an office space for forty hours per week, you want to make sure they’re comfortable. Keeping them happy and satisfied will help with employee retention, and boost their productivity levels. Try out some of these tips to make your office space more comfortable for your employees.

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