Creating a friendly workplace is a great move for both business and comfort reasons. The more welcoming your workplace is, the more positive experiences everyone who enters your doors will have and the more likely they will be to not only return, but tell their friends about it! If you are thinking about changes you can make to create this friendlier work environment, consider using the following tips!

Create a Reception Area

Give your workplace a good face. First impressions are a huge factor in a visitor’s perception and expectation of a space, so devote some effort towards making your first impression a good one. A good reception area will be clean without appearing sterile and cold. Use neutral colors to help create a calming feel to the area, and invest in comfortable furnishings. Implement your brand into the design of the reception area to appear professional and proud of your company! Most importantly, hire receptionists who are positive, sincere, and warm. The first personal interactions visitors have should set the tone for the rest of their interactions!

Reduce Floor Clutter

Minimize the amount of needless clutter that can easily take over a workplace. Clutter makes spaces appear chaotic, disorganized, and even careless or unprofessional. Reduce the amount of clutter your workplace contains, especially on your floors! Make trash or recycling disposal easily accessible. Arrange the flow of your furnishings or work spaces to be natural and clear. If your halls and floors are highly trafficked, it may be wise to use some sort of traffic direction to channel the walkways into effective, safe, and non-frustrating patterns. For example, yellow floor tape can help safely direct traffic in your workplace.

Offer Interaction

Make your visitors feel consistently welcome throughout their visit by being attentive and accommodating. Inviting them to be a part of your workplace, even just by developing their loyalty, is a great way to foster strong relationships that can result in effective marketing! Consider what kinds of branded products you could offer as gifts; consumers love free things, and this can help spread your brand’s exposure. Create an engaging experience from start to finish, mostly by your company (including employee) attitude, but also through your dedication to offering a happy, positive experience for consumers and visitors alike.

Increase the friendly feel of your workplace for the benefit of your employees, your visitors, and thereby your company as a whole. Doing so will improve your reputation and make the workplace a space people actually enjoy being in!


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