How to Operate Your Business Safely During the Current Health Crisis

Businessmen Wearing Masks

As the country begins to open back up and the economy attempts to recover from business shutdowns, one of the big questions on everyone’s mind is how to do so safely. No one wants to reverse any progress that has been made in controlling the coronavirus. To do so would risk further business restrictions, which would only do bad things for your business. So what can you do to operate your business safely during this current health crisis?

Limit In-Person Service

Social distancing is one of the top recommendations for reducing the risk of coronavirus spread. This can have an impact on business operating capacity. You may find it necessary to limit in-person services in order to accommodate safe spacing between consumers and staff. Update your room capacity limits based on state and local guidelines and recommendations. Encourage consumers to utilize other methods of obtaining goods and services when possible. Such methods might include online ordering, curbside services, and using phone and web chat customer support options. By making other options available, you can reduce your in-person service while minimizing the amount of lost business.

Place Signs

If you are to successfully implement changes in how you operate to accommodate COVID restrictions, you need to make sure you communicate those changes clearly and effectively. Placing signs in and around your business can be a good way to make sure employees and customers are aware of your company policies and practices. This can include signs indicating whether you’re requiring that masks be worn, and that you intend to practice social distancing. It’s not enough to just have the signs; you should make sure you place signs in the right places throughout your business. They need to be easily visible to anyone they apply to in order to be most effective.

Monitor Employee Health

The health of your employees is vital to the success of your business, and your business’s ability to remain open and operating. It is more important now than ever that you encourage your employees to stay home if they feel sick. For employees who are coming to work onsite, consider monitoring their health. More and more businesses are taking employee temperatures as they show up at the beginning of their work day. This can help identify potential coronavirus cases, as fever is one of the first symptoms of COVID-19.

Businesses need to do their part in reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus. By limiting in-person services, placing signs to direct behavior, and monitoring employee health, you can do your part to help keep employees and business patrons safe and healthy. It’s in everyone’s best interest that you operate your business safely during this current health crisis.

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