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Workplace perks can have a lot of benefits for employers and employees. Paid time off, on-site daycare, and other extras can help attract high-quality candidates, but some employers are hesitant about providing them because they’re concerned that employees might go too far with them.

Balancing available resources and determining which perks will actually benefit employees and the organization are parts of what companies need to focus on. But if you’re concerned about employees not using perks appropriately, you should look at some of these common benefits and how you can encourage employees to use them in the ways that they are intended.

Unlimited PTO

The concept of unlimited PTO is fairly new, and only a small portion of employers have implemented this model. There are potential benefits and drawbacks to unlimited PTO, and employers might need to find ways to ensure that employees are using the perk responsibly.

Many people worry about employees wanting to take months off at a time, but another possibility is that employees might make it a competition to see who uses the lowest amount of PTO, and they might criticize each other, too. In order for this perk to work to everyone’s advantage, you need to create a culture in which people feel comfortable taking the time that they need, and in which people also respect other people’s decisions and the effect that their decisions will have on their co-workers.

An Office Kitchen

Some people might see an office kitchen as a necessity, but employers can also take it away if people don’t take care of the space or make the work environment more difficult for others when they use the kitchen. One way that people can abuse the kitchen is by failing to clean up after themselves, which can cause more work for their fellow co-workers or the custodian. Another problem that some offices have is smelly food. Discourage employees from bringing aromatic foods like fish, popcorn or even curry to work. 

An On-Site Gym

Having an on-site gym is a great way to help employees stay in good health, but you might need to set limits on when it’s acceptable to use the gym. Employees who workout during their lunch breaks sweat and might need to have an office shower available. You also need to decide if you’re okay with letting people use it during the middle of the workday if they’re on track to get their work done.

When you’re deciding which perks will be most advantageous for your company and employees, look at your resources. But, you should also consider what will make employees more productive and focused and what will entice candidates to choose to work for your company.

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