How to Reform a Dysfunctional Work Environment

Dysfunctional Work Environment

Interpersonal employee conflicts can ruin any work you need your team to do. People might have a hard time working together or might get frustrated by someone else’s personality. These dysfunctional situations can bring down your team’s morale and may gridlock your progress. In these situations, you might need to reform the way your company works internally.

Conduct Employee Reviews

Holding employee reviews can be excellent ways to take inventory of your business relationships. The only way two people can improve their ability to work together is by talking it out in a moderated environment. Have them make “I” statements and explain their feelings to establish commonality.

This will open opportunities up to find solutions to problems. However, not all reviews would work positively in that environment. If you think it would do further harm to your internal work, you may need to take more serious action. Analyze each employee’s output, and try to determine where the problems are. Termination may be the answer.

Eliminate Safety Risks

If the issue is less about internal relationships and more of a safety issue, you may have to reanalyze your workplace safety standards. A job safety analysis identifies dangers specific to a job in the workplace. They are typically performed in the blue-collar job industries like construction, energy, and manufacturing.

If you notice problems with your equipment, you may need to replace machinery to offer a safer work environment. You should also check to make sure employees are following safety protocols. By eliminating these safety risks, you will increase your efficiency and resolve employee conflicts regarding their well-being.

Audit Your Process

Occasionally, you should audit every process to ensure maximum efficiency within your employee’s procedures. When there is internal conflict, one potential source could be a lack of motivation and direction. Another employee may look at a slower employee and accuse them of being lazy, when they are not sure of the direction they need to take.

Auditing your creation process will mitigate some of these issues. Write an outline of each person’s role in producing your company’s product. Creating a visual chart can also help people understand their role. Internal audits are likely to reduce problems between workers.

A dysfunctional team is not only bad for your relationships, but also for business. By ironing out your “problem areas” you will be able to provide workers with a more streamlined experience and a positive work environment.

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