How To Respond To A Business Cyber Security Breach

How To Respond To A Business Cyber Security Breach
October 28, 2021
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There is no doubt that businesses usually pay special attention to cyber security. However, sometimes, breach incidents occur that affect the company badly. Hackers try to steal the company’s information and secrets which ultimately creates severe problems for the business. 

Such incidents prove shocking and the entrepreneurs may need to stop the business operations till further investigation. So, if you face this situation in your company, there is a proper way to respond to this incident. 

Don’t Panic 

It is human nature that a person can make wrong decisions if he is panicked or stressed out. There is no doubt that a breach incident is not easy to deal with, however, still, you should try your best to stay calm during this tough time. You’ll obviously need to investigate the situation and before you tell anyone regarding your next step, sit back and think peacefully. 

Contact a Trusted Agency

Cyber security breach incidents are usually complex and you should prefer to call the investigating team. The competent professionals find the root cause of the breach and suggest you best response plan for switching back to the business activities. Your incident response breach plan should be kept confidential because people behind the breach incident can take action accordingly. 

Inform your Customers

When intruders invade the cyber security of a business, they not only try to steal the data but can portray a wrong image of the company through the website. The business owners should prefer to inform the customers immediately regarding the incident so they won’t rely on any false or misleading news. This will give you a little cushion that the customers know what situation the company is facing right now. 

Protect what you can 

This is one of the crucial things to do. Entrepreneurs should make sure to protect the data as much as they can even if the breach incident has occurred. The instant but a wise response can help you save a lot. The cyber security experts apply various procedures to know the main cause of the breach and they can instantly apply better security procedures. 

Ask the Experts to Fix the Problem 

You should not trust the in-house IT team for fixing the issue as you never know who is involved in the incident. So, it is recommended to ask the agency for fixing the problems with the best available solutions. Professionals do their job by understanding the complexities of the data and they make sure to resolve it as early as possible.

Investigate the In-House Staff 

For all types of business breach incidents, companies should hold the in-house staff accountable and proper investigation is indispensable. There can be some persons in the IT department who try to breach the security deliberately. So, you should hire a well-reputed incident response team on minimal notice for instant inquiry. Meanwhile, make sure to not accept the resignation of any employee.

Differentiate the Type of Breach 

Every security breach doesn’t come from the same source and when you investigate the incident, try to identify the type first. Cyber breach is itself of multiple types but you can catch the root cause only if you know the reason behind it. 

A professional team always investigates from scratch and it is crucial to cooperate with the team. This detection and analysis process may get longer but professionals always make sure to deliver factual results only.

Don’t Allow Strangers to Enter Office Area 

During the time when the investigation is processed, it is mandatory to seal sensitive areas or at least keep strangers at a bay. Intruders often try to manipulate things when the news of an incident spreads everywhere. 

So, it is crucial to not allow any stranger or even floor cleaners to enter the place. Moreover, it is suggested to monitor activities of staff through cameras. Professionals usually get the surveillance track record of previous dates to find any clue leading to the incident. 

Review the Response Plan 

People often panic when a bread incident occurs in the company and they forget about the response plan. Every leading firm crafts a review plan at the time when they inaugurate a new project however stress makes them forget about that plan. 

So, you should pause to review that plan because it can show better strategies as per the company’s operations. These plans are often kept confidential and it is recommended to reveal it to the cyber security team only.

Re-evaluate Privacy Safeguarding Requirements 

It is indispensable to re-evaluate the privacy safeguarding requirements of your company as if you follow the same guidelines, the chances of breach will be still there. So, it is mandatory to re-evaluate those policies and update them with the latest tech solutions. 

Apart from it, make sure to update safeguarding terms and guidelines to enhance cyber security. If you find any loophole in the existing guidelines, it is crucial to make changes as per the incident details and reasons behind it. 

Online Integration of Cameras 

Sometimes, we just monitor the staff activities and do not bother about the record and its access. So, it is mandatory to integrate those cameras online. You should rely on top-quality cameras that can help in zooming and focusing on the object. Proper backup is also mandatory because you may need to check the surveillance record in back dates for investigating the breach incident. 

Change All Passwords 

After the breaching incident, it is important to change all passwords while making sure that you are not using any older passwords again. This will also help you save the information from intruders. Make sure to keep the new passwords confidential. 

Review the Cyber Security Plan 

There can be some loopholes in the system that cause the breach. You should review the security plan to identify the loopholes and if you find any, make sure to fix them with a better layer of protection. Repetitive testing can help you ensure that this incident will not happen again. Experts believe that these steps can help any company deal with breach incidents prudently. 


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