How to Start Planning Your Annual Company Event

Having a company event is important for many reasons. It can help strengthen your company culture, promote interaction between teams, help employees be more creative, and it helps increase company morale. To start planning your annual company event you need to notify your team, hire an event planner, and set a budget.

Notify Your Team

For your company to be successful, you should make sure to give your team plenty of notice so they can block off their calendars. Notifying your team doesn’t need to be formal. You can do something as simple as an email announcement. When you are notifying your team you need to be sure to include the most important details. You should let them know about the event, why they should attend, or what the purpose is, and let them know how to notify you if they will attend or not. Do this as an initial step to gauge interest in the event.

Hire an Event Planner

When you start planning your company event it can be helpful to hire an event planner. An event planner is a helpful professional because they have the experience needed to make the planning and the execution of your event go smoothly. They can help you with all the details, such as choosing a good venue. A good venue needs sufficient lighting to set the mood. They can also help with planning food, activities, and more.

Set a Budget

A budget is crucial for your company event. This will determine what kind of event you will be able to afford. When you are setting your budget, you should plan a buffer of about 10% more. There will always be something that happens that costs you more money, so it is better to be prepared before any excess expenses. You should then determine what parts of your event are the most important and spend most of your money on those components. For example, food is an important event item so you may want to spend more on that rather than spending the most money on decorations.

Your annual company event is an important way to strengthen your company. To help you be successful you need to plan an event that your employees will enjoy and look forward to each year. Planning is crucial in helping you make sure your event goes smoothly and gets your employees excited.

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