How to Strengthen Your Company’s Defenses Against Cyber Threats

How to Strengthen Your Company’s Defenses Against Cyber Threats

With the ever-increasing importance of digital and online aspects of business, a strong cyber security program is essential to keeping your business safe. Strong cyber security defenses keep your company’s and customers’ information safe and secure. Consider implementing some of these ideas to strengthen your company’s cyber security.

Increase Your Cybersecurity Budget

As a business owner that has countless major and minor expenses, spending extra money on something you can’t see can be difficult. However, increasing your cybersecurity budget makes the other aspects of your business more secure. If you store documents and information for your business online, you need to invest just as much in protecting those as you do protecting your physical business. Access to these documents can cause great damage to your business. Cyber attackers can gain access to your bank information, and other financial data allowing them to steal from you. Breaches in cyber security can also decrease customers’ trust in your business. Investing in high quality cybersecurity programs and software help to prevent these outcomes.

Assess Your Vulnerabilities

Knowing your business’ specific vulnerabilities in regards to cybersecurity can help you assess where you need to target your efforts. Vulnerability increases the likelihood of threats at your business. Specific examples of vulnerable areas include weak passwords, and phishing and malware attacks. The first is a fairly obvious weakness: avoid using passwords that can be easily guessed based on basic knowledge of your business. Using more cryptic passwords keeps your information safe. Another common problem is phishing attacks, which occur when a hacker reaches out to you pretending to be a loyal customer, and includes a link or file in their email that can cause a virus. Always double check the email addresses of the messages you receive, and never give out any sensitive information to customers.

Integrate Multi-factor Authentication

Integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) into your various accounts doubles the security of your information. With MFA, even if someone signs in with the correct username and password, they will be unable to access your account. When a login is attempted, you will be notified, and can change your password before any security level is breached. MFA is an inexpensive cybersecurity option that can help keep your business safe.

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important investment for businesses. As business information and transactions are becoming increasingly digital, breaches in cyber security pose more of a danger than ever. Investing in a strong cybersecurity system can help keep your business safe.

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