This week is National Small Business Week! There are over 28 million small businesses in our great nation, each one built from the ground up with blood, sweat, devotion and passion. It is a fantastic week to take some time to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, be it in your market of business, or many others.


Even if you can’t make it to Washington, D.C. to join in on the big show, there are many things you can do in your town, or even from home, to experience this week.

How to Take Advantage of National Small Business Week 11. Newsletter – National Small Business Week Edition. A special edition newsletter is a fantastic way to bring interest in the week to your followers, but it also brings interest back to your organization!  Advertise some great deals you have going on for the week, toss in some great tips for enjoying NSBW, and bring more people to you.

2. Participate in Local Events or Host Your Own.  Take a look and see if there are any NSBW events going on in your area. If not, why not start one of your own? An event could bring new potential clients to your business, and it’s an amazing way to show off your skills as a business owner. What feels better than teaching others what you know, and learning more about people in your market?

How to Take Advantage of National Small Business Week 23.Lead Campaigns.  This week is the perfect time to start a new campaign for people who will be coming in interested in your company, due to learning more about you from NSBW. This campaign would need to attract your customers into returning not just this week, but in the months that follow. The more you nourish your leads, the more they will keep coming back and become stronger leads.

How to Take Advantage of National Small Business Week 34.Appreciate and Thank the Customers You Have.  You work hard as an entrepreneur to grow and build a business that your clients can rely on and come back to over and over again. We wouldn’t have this amazing week celebrating small businesses if it were not for the many customers and the support of Small Businesses around our nation – including your clients! Why not take a moment to send a thank you email to your current consumers, a quick note to say you’re thinking of them, or even offer a great discount on your services in honor of them! It’s a great idea to show your clients how much you respect and appreciate them.


How do you plan on taking better advantage of customers for National Small Business Week?


How to Take Advantage of National Small Business Week 4Meet the Author: Haley Gray

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