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As your business grows, it begins to take on an identity. This identity is shaped in many ways, but it is important for you to take control of this business identity. You want to make sure your business becomes what you want it to be.

Direct the Conversation

It is very likely that you will talk with a lot of people about your business both professionally and in passing. In these situations, you need to learn to direct the conversation about your business. One way you can do this is by telling your business’ story. Start off by discussing the problem that your business solves and then explain how you fix that problem and why people should come to you for the solution. You want to be in control of the narrative surrounding your business. In addition to explaining your side, you should also allow people to ask questions. You’re trying to stay in control of how your business is perceived while also providing any information consumers don’t already have.

Claim Your Business

Another way you can control your business identity is by claiming your business on websites like Google. Using platforms like Google My Business, you can provide information about your business that people will see when they search your business or any related business. This information can include your address, contact information, hours of operation, and even photos and reviews of your business. Claiming a business on Google My Business can increase your revenue by 58%. Claimed business will also appear higher in search results which can boost your exposure. It is a great way to increase business and stay in control of your business identity.

Determine Your Brand

To really control your business identity, you need to determine what your brand is and what message you are trying to send. Early on, you should decide how you want your brand to be perceived and then you can continue to present it in this way. Your brand will become clear through your promotional materials, social media accounts, and your products and services. Once you have an established identity, you can begin building trust with your customers and become more recognizable to them. It is also an opportunity to connect with potential clients as well.

The identity of your business is important. It is how your business is perceived by other people, so you want to make sure you are in full control of it. Make sure you take the necessary steps to create an identity you’ll be proud of.

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