How to Turn Challenges and Hardships Into Wins

~by Marsibil Mogensen~


Sure, I overcame cancer. My boyfriend barely survived a car accident. So what? How does this help YOU?

Most people go through things in their lives that are unpleasant, difficult and downright unfair. Over most of these events, you have NO obvious control.

Too often we allow the things that happen TO us, TO define us. This results in feeling unhappy, out of control and lost. We become VICTIMS of life, rather than VICTORS.

So instead of allowing what happens TO you determine your life, USE it to propel you onto the path to becoming the BEST YOU.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you CAN be!

So now what? HOW does one turn hardships into victories?

Although there is no universal method for everyone, here are some things you can use to help you turn things around.

Challenges-and-Hardships-compressor1. Be grateful – Focus on what IS GOOD in your life and for what you are truly thankful, those parts of your life which put you in high vibration, which in turn release happy hormones and make you feel good.

2. Become more self aware – Get to know yourself better. Take time to just be. Learn to listen to your intuition. It is rarely wrong, we just learn to tune it out over time and you need to reconnect with the truth already inside you.

3. Focus on your NEEDS rather than your DESIRES – I was overweight and tired and heading down the path to health issues. My life sucked! Two ex-husbands, 3 kids, 4 jobs, and 5 fingers shoving food into my pie hole every time I wanted to feel better! What I needed was an apple and to walk around the block instead of eating another donut.

4. Practice self care – Eating healthy and exercising is incredibly important and affects everything from you mood to your energy levels and attitude. Despite what modern advertising would have you believe, health does not come from the amount of weight you lift or miles you run, but starts on the inside and with the fuel you provide your cells. Your nutrition has a bigger impact than almost anything else you do.

5. Be intentional – Start your day by setting the intention that your day will go a certain way. It will make you feel more positive and allow you to better react to negative vibrations and situations upon which you stumble.

6. Forgive yourself – We are sometimes better at forgiving those who wrong us than we are at forgiving ourselves.

7. Protect yourself – Release people from your life who drag you down and are negative. This can be hard, but so worth it.

8. Do what you LOVE – If you love comedy, go to a comedy show. If you love singing, join a choir. If you love to cook, go to a cooking class. Make time and start living, and stop making excuses. Your life is happening NOW!

I hope that the above suggestions are of benefit to you. However, if you find yourself floundering, struggling to take control of your own life, your health and wellbeing, I hope you find someone who can help you get back on track.

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Meet the Author: Marsibil Mogensen

Marsibil Mogensen__Headshot-compressorMarsibil Mogensen, aka Vikingsister, is a holistic health and wellness coach and creator of her own lifestyle program, 80/20 Balance. Born and raised in Iceland, Marsibil moved to Scotland where she pursued her PhD in Biology and Biochemistry. Continuing her passion for health and wellness, Marsibil became a nutrition coach and personal trainer and has been working to change the way people see health and fitness. She promotes a more balanced approach where the focus is on health from the inside out rather than the typical cycle of diet, deprivation and desperation.

For more information connect with her at


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